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Re: Sgt. Pepper 50th Anniversary Reviewed

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Jun 14, 2017 at 11:06:52 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Sgt. Pepper 50th Anniversary Reviewed posted by **backbeat** on Jun 13, 2017 at 6:42:41 PM:

**OK OK, I finally coughed up some cash to the greedy bean counters at Apple/EMI. Why did I fall for it? It's easy - I'm just another gullible baby boomer that just has to have new stuff.
**So what about it you say?
**Some of it is really good.
**Some of it is really bad.
**The good -
**The manic piano at the end of Help from my Friends. Some neat sounds in Lucy. More evenly balanced music. Those are all good.
**The bad -
**It's really LOUD!
**And LOUD does not equate with good. LOUD is LOUD!
**Is George Martin rolling over in his grave? I doubt it, since he was not against butchering the catalog in the Love album.
**So was is necessary? Absolutely not, not in this incarnation. Had they made a more subtle change, less loudness, more fidelity, maybe.
**The be all and all remains the mono album on vinyl and in the 2009 mono box set.
**Anything else is a let down. This is not exceptional, and does not deserve any accolades. It's more like the emperor without his clothes, exposed for what it is. No better and no worse than the original stereo. A very mixed bag.
**So congratulations, Apple. You've done it again. It could have been just great. There are some neat moments where you just say, wow, that's really cool. But too many when you just want to run to the stereo and lower the volume. Too bad. In this latest version it's just a sad, disappointing failure, totally forgetful, unfortunately. Buyer beware.
*actually i quite liked it - the vocals and harmonies are much clearer, pronounced and articulated as is the instrumentation - there is far more to this mix than turning up the volume imho - as well there's way more richness to the album then heard before - as far as vinyl goes ...well i love the mono vinyl....

I'm sorry for coming off as a pompous gas bag. Sometimes I go too far with that type of thing. To be fair, after reading your response, I gave it another play, this time on a portable Sony CD player through a good pair of JBL headphones. Sounded a bit better. But I still contend that they boosted the bass too much and amplified the sound. The original LP was not loud at all, so you really heard the entire spectrum of sound, and that is what the group and George Martin were after. That said, it's really not as bad as I first thought, and it is a keeper. I do lower the volume knob to compensate. And for what it's worth, I have a very good and expensive home stereo component system - Denon receiver, Sony CD player, and EPI bookshelf (big) speakers. The speakers are a bit elevated from the floor so that I get a good bass response, and since EPI is known for their sterling tweeters it does at all sacrifice from the high end.

I hope they do continue with the remixing, just so that the low end does not overwhelm their fine music. Part of the enjoyment of listening to the EMI canon that was released in Europe (not the steroid injected Capitol records that I grew up with) is the subtlety of the great sound. Martin, all things being equal, did a pretty good job in 1987 with the technology available then. 2009 was an improvement, but again, the first thing I noticed was a boost to the bass, so that at times Paul's melodic bass too front center.

And that is my last say on the matter. I now step off the podium and exit stage right.

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