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Re: I've Been Listening to the Beatles

Posted by **JSL** on May 21, 2017 at 10:38:04 PM:
In Reply to: Re: I've Been Listening to the Beatles posted by **Beatlesnbaseball** on May 20, 2017 at 6:23:21 AM:

**Channel on SirusXM since it debuted at 1 after 9090 this morning - pretty darn good.
**Anyone else giving it a listen?
*Unfortunately I no longer have Satellite radio, but I'm glad to see this finally happen. Way back in the early 80's WMMS radio in Cleveland used to run 24 hour Beatle Blitzes where they played non-stop group & solo music mixed in with interviews and live tracks. Definitely not just a Beatles A-Z type thing, but a well programmed system that mixed together everything Beatles. Now with 47 years (yikes!) of solo material (for Paul and Ringo at least) I can only imagine how good this station can be.
*I wonder if there is some kind of agreement between the surviving Beatles and the estates that the Solo material played has to have equal time? Obviously Paul has much more material than the others. That could've been one of the reason it's taken so long to get this station off the ground? Paul could probably have his own station when you think about it.
*btw it's unfortunate that these message boards have slowed down so much. I've been on here on and off since the late 90's! Glad to see it is still up and running but wish there was a way it could get more active again. I see on the Lennon board the latest post is from January

I've been listening to the Beatles Channel for at least an hour a day since it launched. I really like it so far. They're playing various versions of the songs such as in stereo, mono, plus the Anthology and BBC recordings. They are also not shying away from the solo careers. A few people on Facebook were bitching about that but the solo careers are part of the Beatles story so they rightfully should be included.

They also play some songs by artists who influenced The Beatles in some way. Obvious examples would be Chuck Berry, Elvis, Buddy Holly and numerous others. And they also include an occasional Beatles cover.

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