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Re: Sgt. Pepper 50th

Posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on May 12, 2017 at 12:37:29 PM:
In Reply to: Sgt. Pepper 50th posted by **JSL** on Apr 5, 2017 at 12:52:33 PM:

* I just saw an ad on Facebook for the Sgt. Pepper deluxe edition coming out in May. It seems like they're following a similar format to the McCartney archive reissues.
* You can just get one CD which features a brand new stereo mix from Giles Martin, a two disc set in which the second CD has mostly never before released outtakes. Then there is a super deluxe set which comes with a big hardcover book, a video of the making of Sgt. Peper documentary, a CD with more outtakes and the mono mix of the album. Supposedly brand new stereo mixes of Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane will also be included.
* If Giles Martin did as good of a job with the remixing that he did on the most recent reissue of Beatles 1 then I think this will be worth getting. I don't think I'll get the Super Deluxe version because it'll be super pricey but I'll likely go for the 2 CD version.
* I know Beatles purists will bitch that this release is like tampering with history. But it's not in my opinion as long as the original mix of Sgt. Pepper always remains available.

(sometime in late 90s)
Yellow Submarine Songtrack

critics: superlative, masterful, best that can be

2009 - remastered albums in stereo
2009 - remastered albums in mono

critics on above: superlative, masterful, best that can be

2013 - US albums

critics (mixed) - tampering with originals, not same sound, just rehash of the 2009 sets. Praise - faithful to the US releases in terms of releasing the US albums once again in the best possible sound, albeit tweeked to sound like the US (sound of which has been lambasted over the years as an abomination despised by the group)

and now, get this, they are going to remix the catalog. so that you can buy it once again. new and improved, whiter whites and vibrant colors!

a must buy!

hear John wheeze, Paul whistle and Ringo burp, in glorious remixed stereo!

it makes me so cynical. It's all a money grab, folks, since there is nothing left in the grab bag. First the BBC sessions (actually something new), the Capitol album sets (first time the US albums were released, using the authentic US masters, so faithful to the albums that us baby boomers grew up with.

The anthologies - the two 'new' Beatles songs, which were actually very poor quality Lennon demos recorded on cheap cassette tapes. Further ruined by the heavy handed production of Jeff Lynne. Sounded like a blend of Wilbury and ELO. The rest was releasing lousy early takes and almost unlistenable ancient recordings of the Cavern years. Oh yeah, and the Love Me do with Pete Best on drums. The Deca demoes - chickey boom, chickey boom!

But we bought them, by the millions, and it released a flood gate of, you get it:

umpteen compilations in different sizes and shapes, including the nauseating monster called Love, which 'mashed' together different tracks to create the Frankenstein of Beatles music.

And now, to step on George Martin's grave, a remix of Pepper! While we are at if, why not remix the whole lot, put it in a fancy box with a companion release of a coffee table top book that no one will read, in a gold plated teak box and sell it for 10,000. I guarantee it will sell well, as countless Beatle fanatics will just have to get it to add to their collection of plastic and metal discs.

I know what I sound like, like a grumpy old man, but I for one will NOT buy any of it. I have had enough - and the 2009 mono version is the penultimate one anyway. I do not need to hear early takes of Day in the Life, which will just tarnish my memory of the original. Or inferior takes of the other tracks. If I truly want to hear an early take there are the other many compilations, I think one is even on Love.

people, don't be lemmings.

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