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Tommy Moore

Posted by **The Eggman** on Jun 8, 2014 at 7:22:32 PM:

For those not schooled in Beatles history, Tommy Moore was the band's drummer from May to August of 1960, when they went under the name, The Silver Beetles. He was the one behind the kit during that ill-fated tour of Scotland. According Allen Williams, he was a jazz drummer. Being that that was the case, I think it was fate that he left. As much as I love jazz, I really can't imagine "A Hard Day's Night" or "I Am The Walrus" with a jazz backbeat. A forklift driver, Moore continued with that after quitting the band, but played in local clubs in jazz groups as a side job. He died of a brain hemorrhage on September 26, 1981. Apparently, during that Scottish tour, the group's van crashed, Tommy was hit in the face with a guitar as a result, and lost all of his front choppers. John Lennon and the tour's promoter took him out of the hospital while recovering and dragged him on stage to finish the tour. Upon the group's return to England, he played one more gig with them before deciding to leave. His reason for leaving, it is said, was because he didn't get along with John.

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