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Re: The U.S. version of Revolver

Posted by **JSL** on Apr 5, 2014 at 3:40:14 AM:
In Reply to: Re: The U.S. version of Revolver posted by **backbeat** on Apr 4, 2014 at 4:42:11 PM:

***I think the US version of Revolver sucks!!! And I grew up with it.I also like Yesterday And Today but U.S. Revolver is lame
** Even though I wasn't around then I think my impression of the U.S. Revolver would've been that it was odd with Lennon barely even being on the album. Also I think the critics in the U.S. at the time viewed Revolver as a disappointment. But little did they know that was more Capitol records fault and not the fault of The Beatles.
** I like Yesterday and Today but it was a good reason for the U.S. Revolver sucking since most of John's Revolver tracks were put on the album.
*i grew up with the north american versions but I much prefer the Beatles versions - it's the way the Beatles actually wanted them not some suits you were looking at how they could make more money by stretching the product.
*I'll take the artist over the corporation any days.

Listening to the Capitol versions can be fun but the UK albums are the definitive Beatles experience. The U.S. albums were not the vision of The Beatles and George Martin. But at the same time they still have their place in history since that's the way many in the U.S. first experienced the band pre Sgt. Pepper. Although I'm sure George Martin didn't mind some of his Hard Day's Night soundtrack instrumentals being released on the U.S. album.

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