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Re: The Fall of the Beatles

Posted by **Johnny D** on Apr 2, 2014 at 12:12:13 PM:
In Reply to: Re: The Fall of the Beatles posted by **Beatles Fan Robert** on Apr 1, 2014 at 2:59:38 PM:

**The Beatles influence seems to be over. If you look at the singles/album chart, it has reverted back to the time before the Beatles- singles are now written by committee, by several people, the era of the singer/songwriter is over. Popular acts like Rihanna, Katy Perry, the popular ones don't write their own songs anymore. The Tin Pan Alley approach seems to be back, professional songwriters like Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and the ubiquitous Ryan Tedder seem to dominate now. Groups like the Beatles are no longer superstars. U2, a group that Bono commented that "John Lennon invented" hasn't had a TOP 10 hit since 1997.
**It looks like the influence of the Beatles is finally coming to a close.
*Neil Young has written that in his opinion music has degraded in sound, not in artistic value. He likes much about contemporary music. He states that since CDs (less fidelity) and MP3 files (even less, only 5% according to him), younger generations are not hearing music the way he did while younger. I suppose vinyl is the way to go based on current technology. So he is working on a new format that he calls Puretone which is supposed to elevate the fidelity of music to a level never before achieved, using a high resolution digital file and cloud technology to share it for downloading from. You can read all about in his memoir of last year. I just read it and it is fascinating. He is a very intelligent and complex man.

Can't wait to read about that! Thanks for posting!

I always thought that with a great "record" player with a great diamond tip needle, and great speakers, that the studio recording would be heard s close as it gets without being in the studio at the time.

I guess the super digital format Young is getting breaks down the zeros and ones to have smaller bits of info? like 0.1, 0.2, on the way to being a full one?! That would help to bring in sonics not before "felt" in digital recordings. Analog is just about as perfect as it gets, with so many sonics/frequencies able to be reproduced. BUT, like I said, it takes a GREAT player and needle and speakers to realize Analog in its full potential. Very expensive! Tens of thousands for one system to have it be like the studio sound at time of recording. (if recording was done on analog 2 inch tape too. I saw a few of those machines in the studio and used one once. WOW!!!!! Sounded like the instruments were actually IN the main playback speakers! NO one has heard true studio sound in their homes or cars, unless the have the same set up for playback, which would be THOSE 2 inch tape recorders to play back "that" tape! I was blown away at my first studio session.

Digital studios don't come close to that sound. I think technology got more complicated, BUT with less sonic results. Same for phones. Terrible. Digital sucks for sound. We are not digital! LOL We are a flowing wonder, as are our ears/brain. NOT ones and zeros. Ugh!

Bring back Analog and find better ways to transmit those "wavs", without compression! (A challenge for MIT)! ha!

Screw smart phones. They suck too. My dumb phone is better for me. Less compression, I assume. ???

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