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Re: The Fall of the Beatles

Posted by **Johnny D** on Apr 2, 2014 at 11:57:04 AM:
In Reply to: Re: The Fall of the Beatles posted by **JSL** on Mar 26, 2014 at 5:25:41 AM:

**The Beatles influence seems to be over. If you look at the singles/album chart, it has reverted back to the time before the Beatles- singles are now written by committee, by several people, the era of the singer/songwriter is over. Popular acts like Rihanna, Katy Perry, the popular ones don't write their own songs anymore. The Tin Pan Alley approach seems to be back, professional songwriters like Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and the ubiquitous Ryan Tedder seem to dominate now. Groups like the Beatles are no longer superstars. U2, a group that Bono commented that "John Lennon invented" hasn't had a TOP 10 hit since 1997.
**It looks like the influence of the Beatles is finally coming to a close.
* I must say that I don't follow current music very closely but you could be right. I do think some of the more indy type rock bands write their own music though.

In the music business, sometimes deals are made that place producers as the co writers, to gain more royalties for their role in producing the song, and putting money behind it for promotion and distribution. This can happen with first time writers or artist. Not often though. But, that happens is, they more of less have to take "a deal",(sharing of the writer's royalties), or not have one at all.

A lot goes on behind the credits that the masses see.

Just like Beethoven influenced and keeps influencing musicians hundreds of years later, The Beatles are alive and well in a lot of musician's imagination and techniques and sometimes creativity in the studio. We can't erase such a unique influential band and individuals, along with Martin and Emmerick, (producer and engineer, respectfully). They are there like the monitors in studios. Not always mentioned, but they are there and affecting the outcomes. Like how the Big Bang is still affecting us all now! Can't ignore the perceived start of an era and on to the next one even. Its affects are continuous to one degree or another, (slight to extreme, existing at the same time), whether we realize it or not.

Thanks for thinking on that if so!

Take Care,


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