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Re: The U.S. version of Revolver

Posted by **JSL** on Mar 28, 2014 at 2:29:33 PM:
In Reply to: Re: The U.S. version of Revolver posted by **backbeat** on Mar 27, 2014 at 10:40:23 PM:

** I was recently listening to the U.S. version of Revolver and thought to myself that listeners at the time must've thought that John nearly disappeared from the group. I mean even on most of the Capitol albums before hand John was pretty dominant but at the time the U.S. fans had no knowledge of what Capitol was doing in that three of the Lennon tracks meant for Revolver were put on Yesterday and Today.
** But it's really hard to screw the Beatles up. Even though they were not the band's true vision most of the Capitol albums are actually still quite good. I recently picked up the U.S. albums set and the only album that I'm not super crazy about is the Help Soundtrack. First generation U.S. fans aren't happy with the set though because for the most part the Dexterised mixes from the initial Capitol releases are gone. Occasionally an alternate take would be sent over to the U.S. most likely in error. So I believe they still kept tracks like that on the new Capitol reissues. One of the most notable ones is the stereo version of "I'm Looking Through You" which has two false starts.
*i grew up with 2 false starts - at least that's what my mum told me (rim shot) - seriously folks....i remember hearing 'I'm looking through you' later without the false starts and being thrown off, they were part of the song to me. Also i remember thinking the same thing when Revolver came out that Lennon was missing in action - it was weird.
*i've now grown to like the 'British' or originals better as that is the way the Beatles wanted it to sound not the corporation. still i'll take those false starts any day - i think that comes from the place where i love anthology or the conception of songs, the ruff demos that were the genesis of the work - absolutely inthralls and intrigues me

Being that I didn't become a hardcore Beatles fan until the 90s I was first introduced to them with the UK albums. But having said that I still find it interesting hearing the albums that U.S. fans heard back in the 60s at least until Sgt. Pepper when the albums then became the same everywhere.

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