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Re: The Fall of the Beatles

Posted by **Johnny D** on Mar 27, 2014 at 12:51:38 AM:
In Reply to: The Fall of the Beatles posted by **superfan** on Mar 25, 2014 at 9:24:05 PM:

*The Beatles influence seems to be over. If you look at the singles/album chart, it has reverted back to the time before the Beatles- singles are now written by committee, by several people, the era of the singer/songwriter is over. Popular acts like Rihanna, Katy Perry, the popular ones don't write their own songs anymore. The Tin Pan Alley approach seems to be back, professional songwriters like Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and the ubiquitous Ryan Tedder seem to dominate now. Groups like the Beatles are no longer superstars. U2, a group that Bono commented that "John Lennon invented" hasn't had a TOP 10 hit since 1997.
*It looks like the influence of the Beatles is finally coming to a close.

The music industry has been adjusting all along. The people doing the deals are the ones working with who they want to get rich with. The Beatles influence is of course alive and well throughout most musicians, (many, at least). I talk to many musicians of all ages. The young ones always bring up Beatles.

You are confusing the music business with musicians. Deals is what always has influenced the music business, regardless how was there or not.

Country music for years has been a team of writers on a lot of records. Pop records in any era have had producer credited for songs, even though they might not have written one note or wrote one word.

Publishers are fighting for their living more than ever, so they look for songwriters, as always. Now, they are pushing their signed songs very hard to try to not have all the artist write all their songs. Labels and publishers interact. It's Business, and business done with those wanting to make more money, and those who want to make money with who they have deals with, in public and in secret. Nothing new. It has nothing to do with Beatles or anybody form the past as not having an influence.

As mentioned, many musicians, even young ones now, still refer to Beatles, for they are of course always in the minds in one way or another, (seldom to often), as each musician wants them to be. Just as if an ice skater now has some great skater in mind from the past in one way or another. Yet, the business of skating changes like all businesses. Same for any art form, as to the greats in their performing time. They keep influencing in ways you might not be aware of. Did you not see the Grammys? Current in a way. Honored, and of course very influential to many, no matter what names are on any song as to get credited. That is only the operation of the business of music, NOT music as it is in the minds of many. The suits control what is what, and who they want to reward and work with. The people then choose form the lot in sales.

Thanks for your time!


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