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Re: Paul has a huge ego

Posted by **Old Flat Top** on Mar 15, 2014 at 4:31:37 PM:
In Reply to: Paul has a huge ego posted by **froghat** on Feb 10, 2014 at 9:11:25 PM:

*I can just imagine Paul on his death bed. "I was in the Beatles. What do you mean I'm gonna die? Fuck this shit! I wrote Hey Jude!"

Funny that you posted this. I hardly ever visit the Beatles board but I was going to post about the two kinds of musicians.
There's the kind(like Paul for the most part) who is so into the "star" factor that he thinks his music playing ability actually makes him better than other people and that other people should agree and treat him that way. I've been around musicians like that and can't stand them. Some of them have been pretty good too but that aura of "hey! look at me! I am SO special!" etc is just irritating to say the least. It stands in the way of ever accomplishing better things and really communicating with an audience on anything other than a superficial level. A lot of "popular" music and musical acts are based on that exact principle.
The idea that every audience member wishes they could be the "star" so you write and play songs which hint about them actually being part of the music. Look around and you'll see that hook used all over the place. Fine for entertainment but not much there in the way of the fine arts...
The other type of musician is the polar opposite. He is accomplished and talented with his music be he doesn't let a self image get in the way. He views his art as being universal and the musician as only an instrument in the hands of the music of the spheres which looks for suitable outlets. This type would be irritated at being thought of as a "star". In fact, that would be a failure on his part so far as he's concerned.

Lennon and Mccartney. I can see it. I'm certain in the end that was the real friction which wound up breaking them apart.


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