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Re: 'Yesterday' (Patch with Caro & Daubert)

Posted by **Johnny D** on Mar 9, 2014 at 3:04:26 AM:
In Reply to: Re: 'Yesterday' (Patch with Caro & Daubert) posted by **pycb** on Mar 7, 2014 at 10:39:28 PM:

**"Yesterday" Cover by "Patch" with Caro & Daubert
**On Reverbnation page of Patch's. *
*boy John - you've got some talent on the keys there.............

Thank you for saying that.

Boy, thinking about how you might think that, (for I just play as if everyone should, as it seems too easy to play anything I can imagine, no matter style of anything), I thought you might want to hear my take on music things as I know them to be and why: NO? Tough! Here they are anyway!
I know it's about five things:

1. "In-born talent" I had nothing to do with. Thanks everyone before me who passed down your genes!

2. "Hearing music" since a baby, (maybe earlier)? ha!
Chimes over my crib as I can still hear! My sister's records at the time and on, every day til she got married. My mom playing the AM radio all the time in the kitchen. Cartoons with theme songs. Shows with theme songs. Movies with theme songs, and all the other music playing when people were talking in shows or movies. (What did they say)? I don't know, for the music had me totally listening and guessing what would be next. I would then hear all the music I heard that day before going to sleep. I thought everyone did that until I mentioned it to one of my little kid friends. Neil looked at me as if crazy. "YOU hear music in bed that you heard all day?! Yeah, I do and still do. During the day, songs from any era will loop for no reason. I can NOT stop music from always being "heard", along with my Tinnitus now though. YIKES! Get in key though, will it?! ha! So, I am in real affect, always practicing. Always being aware of chord changes, melody notes, transitions, intros, outros, BPM, etc. I never practiced much since I stopped accordion lessons at ten, for I got though all the advanced books and the next step was to train for NYC for the accordion competition of all ages. MY teacher was excited anticipating he would have me win it all. I was ten! I turned to my mom and said, "NO mom, I want to start playing other instruments now". I was scared is what happened. NYC? Then? NO way! NO regrets either. I just played on my own form then on the: guitar, drums, bass, acoustic piano, Vox portable organ, electric pianos, to the all instrument-keys I now have, with old Rogers drums near me in this small studio/office.

3. LOVE of playing and trying to create music. Who doesn't get worthwhile at anything if we love what we do? People told me to forget about trying to make in the music business, and just do it for the love of it now. Hahahahaha!!! NOW? I loved it from the first bell-chime sounds in my crib! Love was NEVER out of the picture! Man, did I let that person know how silly that suggestion was! :) "Play for the love of it NOW?! haha. OH, that's what I need to do huh"? LOL We laughed about it of course. Then he paid me for the piano tuning.

4. "Time". Who doesn't get good at most things when a lot of time is put in? I didn't play with ease when I as a kid. It was WORK, those accordion lessons! Ages 7 to 10 Tears too sometimes, being pushed in a tough way by my teacher. He would also tell me though, "Johnny, you got it, but you can do it even better, smoother, with more heart"! I thought,,,,what's my heart got to do with it? REALLY! That puzzled me till I guess in my early twenties. Time though: WE ALL can do things that others might not do just as so after much time put into it. For musicians, MANY can do what I do. I just do it my way, forgetting technique and not learning left on piano, but buttons on the accordion. I play drums both left and right handed, and can switch up on a measure even. Freaks out the studio guys when first seeing that! Haha! I do it for the sound I want at the time. My left and right hand hits the drums in their own way, and strength. So, that means different sounds! Options! Same for the hi hat, and the ride or crash.

5. "The DRIVE" NO one is much more relentless or competitive. That is from having DRIVE. Love helps, but one can love and still not have the drive to relentlessly progress or compete if having to do so for a job or even a free gig, (auditions as I have been on). Mike Appel didn't think a "piano tuning hack" would please him to stay for his session when looking for a keys players. My wife said "to just be yourself and not talk a lot, just play"! Be myself "AND" not talk a lot!??? But I took her "just play" advice and had Appel smiling all night, laughing too, as we all had FUN. NO pressure for me, for it was music I was playing! I wasn't ask there to perform a lobotomy on a good friend! It was something I do as if breathing.

HOW? 1,2,3,4 and 5! It all adds up to equal ME! MY wife has to deal with all this too on a daily basis. Crazy or Wonderful? I think of her as the greatest wonderful lady. Others question that of course! Ha! I hear them talk, I hear them talk! Nothing gets passed me, even with this Tinnitus! FK that ringing shit! It is NO match for this guy! It knows too! :)

Thanks again! Hope it was as worth reading. I enjoyed explaining, as usual. Can you tell?

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