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Re: Why was John so bitter in 1980?

Posted by **death of samantha** on Feb 26, 2014 at 8:24:40 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Why was John so bitter in 1980? posted by **backbeat** on Feb 11, 2014 at 8:46:24 AM:

****I was reading the 1980 Playboy interview with him and he sounded so bitter. Nothing good to say about Paul or George, said benefit concerts were useless, was negative towards anything Beatles related and was really a dick about Julian. Basically said Sean was planned, but Julian was a mistake because of alcohol. Seriously, John was a prick
***I guess I need to re-read that interview. I don't remember him being bitter in 1980.
** I think John was his most bitter around 1970. He came off as a big asshole during that Rolling Stone interview that he did during his primal scream therapy. I'm not saying everything that came out of his mouth during his 1980 interviews was positive but I think he had mellowed to some degree. He always tended to take shots at Paul and George in interviews. But I remember in one of his final interviews he said something to the extent of, "In spite of what I might say about them, I still love those guys." Plus John was a big fan of Paul's song "Coming Up" during his final year alive. I think John probably almost thought of Paul and George as his younger brothers and felt like he had the right to bad mouth them when he wanted to.
** I would like to think that if 12/8/80 didn't go down the way it did, John would've attempted to better his relationship with Julian. But sadly it wasn't to be.
*this doesn't sound negative in the slightest to me:
*PLAYBOY: "Your son, Julian, from your first marriage must be in his teens. Have you seen him over the years?"
*LENNON: "Well, Cyn got possession, or whatever you call it. I got rights to see him on his holidays and all that business, and at least there's an open line still going. It's not the best relationship between father and son, but it is there. He's 17 now. Julian and I will have a relationship in the future. Over the years, he's been able to see through the Beatle image and to see through the image that his mother will have given him, subconsciously or consciously. He's interested in girls and autobikes now. I'm just sort of a figure in the sky, but he's obliged to communicate with me, even when he probably doesn't want to."
*PLAYBOY: "You're being very honest about your feelings toward him to the point of saying that Sean is your first child. Are you concerned about hurting him?"
*LENNON: "I'm not going to lie to Julian. Ninety percent of the people on this planet, especially in the West, were born out of a bottle of whiskey on a Saturday night, and there was no intent to have children. So 90 percent of us... that includes everybody... were accidents. I don't know anybody who was a planned child. All of us were Saturday-night specials. Julian is in the majority, along with me and everybody else. Sean is a planned child, and therein lies the difference. I don't love Julian any less as a child. He's still my son, whether he came from a bottle of whiskey or because they didn't have pills in those days. He's here, he belongs to me and he always will."

WHOAH!!! How things have changed! "I don't know anybody who was a planned child." I was born in 1979... sometimes it blows me away that most of civilization didn't have the term "safer sex," let alone "safe sex," the pill, or Planned Parenthood clinics. John's really dating himself here.

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