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Re: Why was John so bitter in 1980?

Posted by **Johnny D** on Feb 20, 2014 at 9:29:42 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Why was John so bitter in 1980? posted by **backbeat** on Feb 11, 2014 at 8:54:55 AM:

**I was reading the 1980 Playboy interview with him and he sounded so bitter. Nothing good to say about Paul or George, said benefit concerts were useless, was negative towards anything Beatles related and was really a dick about Julian. Basically said Sean was planned, but Julian was a mistake because of alcohol. Seriously, John was a prick
*as for benefit concerts i again have to agree with him - it's far better to get 10% of your income than the mess of moat benefit shows -at least the way they were then and i doubt they've improved much today:

I was a player in one of those massive star studded benefit concerts at the Spectrum in Philly, (a whole other story of luck and all), and it seemed it was more about the getting together of all those stars. (NONE knew who I was of course) I even got yelled at by The FONZ, (I mean, Henry Winkler)! Another story there too).

I think form what I could tell, it;s a combo of PR, Rubbing Egos, and raising money for good causes. The people going feel good about some of their money going to the cause. (for this concert, it was benefiting "The Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital" in my South Jersey area. A great place, and at that time, short on private funds as it was rumored, for one reason or another.

The people also got a GREAT Variety SHOW not seen anywhere on the planet as it was then, with many classic acts mixed with new GREAT artists of the time. (1974). Mowtown, and the very beginnings of what would become the Disco era. Yes, the Disco era in the pre-birth days was a combination of funk and R & B with Pop! It was performed by great freakin musicians. The record companies turned it and them into more simple tunes,,,BUT with still GREAT playing on those records to be in 76 and a little after. BUT again,,,Disco killed my band! BOO! DJ's the reason, NOT the Disco bands or singing acts being the reason.

So, how they are anything but positive is beyond me! Maybe Lennon was not in one such as that one in Philly. If he had been there, I KNOW he would have got a kick of seeing and probably playing with his idols he heard in the early 60's. Some cool singers as well. he would have LOVED to chat with Sammy Davis Jr, for just one example of the celebs there that night. I was in musical and celeb heaven, with every turn someone else who was an icon in music! Everyone, (except the Winkler), was in a GREAT mood, and put on such an energetic show, act after act, really bringing it! (NO one going though the motions just to raise a few bucks). Very intense. And it was sold out, with hefty ticket prices to help pay ALL who had to be paid, and to have money go to that hospital who took on many serious heart and lung patients who would not have gotten the care from new equipment and other goodies because of just one benefit, then another somewhere else for them, and so on. Some stars were said to give the hospital money of their own too. So,,,,HOW is that negative? How is any such benefit a BAD thing? I wish Lennon would have been there to then tell another story about benefit concerts. He MISSED a super one, according to all who wrote about it after.

I for one and glad they gave it! IMAGINE the heart and lung patients to be who REALLY were glad!

I feel sorry for Lennon and others who never got to experience such a truly wonderful event that was had by ALL!


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