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February 9th in Beatles History

Posted by **Der Heffelumpen** on Feb 9, 2014 at 4:52:02 AM:

Subject: Today in Beatles History: February 9
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Date: 9 Feb 2001 09:00:02 -0000
From: Bagism

** The following events in Beatles history all took place on February 9. **

[B] Beatles * [J] John * [P] Paul * [G] George * [R] Ringo * [O] Other

[B] 1961
The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club at lunchtime. Although the Quarry Men had played here three years previously, this is The Beatles' first performance at the club that will become an important part of The Beatles legend. Their fee for this day's appearance is 5 pounds. (1244)

[B] 1962
The Beatles perform at the Cavern Club at lunchtime and then again at night. They also perform at Technical College Hall, Birkenhead, Cheshire. (939)

[B] 1963
On the Helen Shapiro tour, The Beatles perform at the Empire
Theatre, Sunderland, Durham, playing for two "houses". The first
leg of the Shapiro tour is due to finish the next evening with two shows in Peterborough. But The Beatles will be replaced at Peterborough by Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers, for The Beatles have a recording session booked in London for February 11th, for the
purpose of recording their first album. (1696)

[B] 1964
The Beatles appear live on US television, on "The Ed Sullivan
Show". Before an audience of 728 screaming fans, The Beatles
perform three songs at the beginning of the program, "All My
Loving", "Till There Was You", and "She Loves You". During the
second half, on another stage set, they perform "I Saw Her Standing There" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand". During the song "Till There Was You", close-ups of each Beatle are shown, with their first names appearing on the screen for each of them. When John's picture and name are shown, there is an additional caption, "Sorry Girls, He's Married". Watching The Beatles were 73 million Americans, the largest US television audience for one show up to that time. That had to have been gratifying to the advertisers whose ads bracketed The Beatles' two sets: Aero Shave, Anacin, Kent, and Pillsbury. Earlier that morning, while The Beatles were rehearsing for their TV appearance, George Harrison was missing, suffering from a sore throat. To help the cameras set up for all four Beatles, Neil Aspinall stood in George's place during the rehearsal. That afternoon, George back in full swing, The Beatles taped their third appearance on Ed Sullivan's show, for broadcast by Sullivan on February 23 (after The Beatles had returned to England). The performance was taped before a live studio audience, with The Beatles performing "Twist and Shout", "Please Please Me", and "I Want to Hold Your Hand". It was surely somewhat bizarre for The Beatles, who had yet to appear on Sullivan's show, to hear their host introducing their "3rd performance" during the taping,
Sullivan saying "All of us on the show are so darned sorry, and
sincerely sorry, that this is the third and thus our last current
show with The Beatles, because these youngsters from Liverpool,
England, and their conduct over here, not only as fine professional singers but as a group of fine youngsters, will leave an imprint on everyone over here who's met themů." In addition to this show's first broadcast on February 23, it was repeated on the Sullivan show on August 23. "The Beatles Anthology 1" includes "All My Loving" from the first Sullivan show (Disc 2, Track 9). (2266)

[B] 1967
The Beatles in the recording studio (Regent Sound Studio, Tottenham Court Road, London). The first Beatles recording session outside of Abbey Road studios since the Beatles signed their recording contract with EMI. They record 3 takes of "Fixing A Hole". (2628)

[P] 1972
Wings begins a tour of British universities with a performance at Nottingham University. Henry McCullough, formerly with the Grease Band, joins Wings. Wings appears as support group to Brinsley Schwarz. (3293)

[P] 1993
US release of Paul McCartney CD "Off the Ground" (Capitol). Songs: "Off the Ground", "Looking for Changes", "Hope of Deliverance", "Mistress and Maid", "I Owe It All to You", "Biker Like an Icon", "Peace in the Neighbourhood", "Golden Earth Girl", "The Lovers That Never Were", "Get Out of My Way", "Winedark Open Sea", and "C'mon People". (483)


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