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Feb. 9, 1964! 50 Years! Wow!

Posted by **Johnny D** on Feb 9, 2014 at 2:43:21 AM:

I had just turned 11 a month before, Jan. 11th

My sister, who turned 17 the day before Feb. 9th, and our parents, (OLD FOLKS, ha!), went to our uncle and aunts townhome in North Philly, off of Broad street. Both were from England, and even older than our parents! WOW! They did NOT have Beatle pins on!

There I laid on the floor in front of the old BIG console TV with what must have been just a 12 inch screen. As the old folks talked, I was just quiet, (a first), waiting and waiting for what I knew was going to be a big deal! I had heard The Beatles on my transistor radio through the summer and fall of '63. So, I KNEW their sound, their songs, (for I also had their records playing just about everyday)! Day and night = Beatle Songs!

Then, after what seemed like forever, with all kinds of ads after the show before ED was over, and with the Sullivan show having to go through the whole intro thing. And after the first LONG BORING TO ME acts, and MORE commercials,,,COME ON! COME ON! We Want The Beatles Mr. Sullivan! Finally, Their they were! The first notes and movements of them playing had me seeing something I have never seen before. Such GROWN men playing those songs in that way! They looked and sounded like they were meant for me to watch and take it all in. They looked like they loved to play in a band. They were dressed good, (as far as I could tell at age 11. I was impressed with at how they moved when playing. How they smiled. RINGO! Wow! What is that guy doing way up there?! It was just so GREAT to experience! Something so different! So exciting! So inspiring!

When we got home, I walked into my house as if for the first time for feeling completely different. It was like I had a whole new direction to follow. Something exciting came into my life, even over Elvis! It was musical instruments and those black suits! WOW! And that live sound! Better then the records, I thought.

So, what did this little 11 year old do the next day and form then on. I formed a band with my friends who played anything! I had just gotten drums, so I was Ringo! One of my friends played guitar a little already, so he was George. Another friend played the saxophone, so he was our odd kid with no real place in this new kind of band/ Nut he was nice, and he cold play some notes, so we kept him! The three of us would just play in my downstairs bedroom, all the Beatle songs at that time. (The covers too). 11 years! I was HOOKED!

As The Beatles grew, so did we. When my friends didn't want to do music much anymore, I got other friends to come over and play. That went on till I was called by the best band around to join them. They did Beatles and Motown, (I was 15). Traveled to the Catskill mountains for college gigs! Loved it!

The Beatles always was the initial driving force for the bands, (mainly as an example of how hard ya have to work at it all to be any good to get gigs after gigs. I was working full time in that band at age 15, despite school! Got off Fridays to take the bus with the college of the week to go to those Catskills! I was living my dream of being in a band, just as The Beatles did when young. Just without the great original songs and all the rest of course! BUT, fun we had to to Max!

The Beatles were always that carrot we chased and could never get close. But, with all the bands I formed, and was asked in, then the one I formed at age 53 after not being in bands for two decades, the spirit of what I saw and heard on Feb. 9th 1964 carried me through it all, with having the same excitement for playing as I saw them having. I KNOW I had as much fun. Just not Everything else.

I had to end my band playing days just three years ago after getting severe Tinnitus and Hyperacusis. From playing in bands? of course! BUT, in no way do I regret a single day of being in bands, or for listening to The Beatles LOUD at times, as well as for many band's albums. It ALL is part of the deal.

Look what happened to Lennon. The price he paid for being SO famous. So, whatever, you, the musician next door, or I go through because of being in bands? ha! NOTHING compared to such a great price as Lennon's. I try to honor John Lennon still, by working as hard as I can in audio editing, and playing music in the the studio and at home here for pro work. I have little to deal with, when comparing my ailments to Lennon's end at only age 40. I am 21 years past his earthly age. Many musicians are, who got a guitar or drums or a bass to play in bands BECAUSE Of The Beatles! Many have worse ailments, and I bet most still play on and do what they can! For, they, like me and some of you here, played music in bands for the great inspiration that The Beatles gave us!

Thank you Beatles! My Life Has Been a Song!

May I continue to the long, soft, easy fade out, or one hellava GOOD strong ending, always with the spirit of The Beatles and THAT music and sound! It was new, yet complete in a special way.

John Daubert

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