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Re: Paul and Ringo at the Grammys

Posted by **Just Me** on Feb 4, 2014 at 3:46:59 PM:
In Reply to: Re: Paul and Ringo at the Grammys posted by **Only Sleeping** on Feb 4, 2014 at 11:59:04 AM:

*** I haven't really been watching the Grammys but have been tuning in every now and then mainly to catch Paul and Ringo.
*** Ringo performed Photograph. And it was actually pretty touching since there were photos from the early Beatle period appearing on the background screen. I'm sure Ringo thinks of George and John when he performs this song.
*** As for Paul he just performed a few minutes ago. I have mixed feelings on his performance. First the cool thing is that Ringo joined Paul's band on drums. But the song choice was Queenie Eye from the current album. I actually like the song but was hoping Paul would do an early Beatles song to go along with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of their debut in the U.S. But it was still awesome seeing Paul and Ringo together. And Yoko was briefly shown on camera dancing to Queenie Eye. Next to Yoko was a heavily bearded Sean Lennon. I think he's trying to go for a similar look to how his father appeared during the Bed In era. Lucky for Sean he still has that super hot girlfriend.
**The Ringo performance was good but it was obviously a big advertisement for new book rather than a sentimental nod to his old friends. The book was even mentioned as he was being introduced.
**As far as Paul & Ringo, I think they're saving the Beatle material for their performance tomorrow night that will be aired on 2-9. The dispappointing thing to me is that Ringo seems to NEVER carry a band on his own when performing live. Paul's drummer Abe was performing in the shadows as the lights and camera shots captured Paul & Ringo. Doesn't seem much to ask that they rehearse one song where Ringo could've handled the drumming on his own. We'll see what they do tomorrow night but I expect we'll still see two drummers.
*I think the Grammy Special tribute will be somewhat of a bummer.There were 4 Beatles not 2 and although I'm glad they're playing together it's not even close as far as a "reunion" is considered.The Threetle's were even weak though obviously it ain't possible for a reunion.If only................. :(

It depends on how we approach it as viewers. Instead of thinking of it as a "Beatles reunion by the surviving members" try thinking of it as a "Beatles tribute by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr". There will be many bands on the show doing covers, Sir Paul and Ringo are simply covering some Beatles songs just like the rest.

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