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Re: Beatles at the BBC Vol.2

Posted by **maclen909** on Nov 19, 2013 at 8:55:36 AM:
In Reply to: Re: Beatles at the BBC Vol.2 posted by **JSL** on Nov 14, 2013 at 6:50:17 AM:

****I love it!!!!!!!!!! even the ones that are different versions from Vol.1. Go BEATLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
***..I was trying not to spend any money this month but I'll have to get this!:)
** I bought it yesterday and listened to Disc 1 last night and plan on listening to Disc 2 today. So far it is really good. And I agree that I love even hearing different versions of songs that appeared on the first BBC album. The sound on most of the tracks also is remarkably good considering that some of the tracks were sent in by people who had them recorded. This release is a nice surprise since just about all of us thought they had scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of Beatles rarities releases. Although according to some there is still enough in the vaults for an Anthology 4 type album.
** The first BBC album has also been re released. And while the remastering is probably a bit better I think I'm going to stick with the copy I already have. I believe BBC Vol. 1 had been out of print for a while and that's probably the primary reason why it's being pushed as well.
* Also the interviews at the end are an interesting bonus. Although some of them are from a few years after the BBC recordings. I think the ones with John and George are from the Rubber Soul period.

I think all the interviews are from 1966. Paul mentions how George is really into Indian music. They also all talk about the "short tour" and how they will have loads of time off. Also Paul talks about his home in London (Cavendish Avenue) and I don't think he moved in there until late '65 or so.

Anyone debating on getting it and that has iTunes Radio should listen in on the free preview. Some of the tracks are from Volume 1 but it's pretty obvious which ones are from Volume 2. The tracks I enjoyed hearing most were songs like I'll Follow The Sun and And I Love Her. Tracks we've never heard live before. Also the interviews were quite good as well.

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