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Re: some more from Mark Lewisohn

Posted by **superfan** on Nov 8, 2013 at 12:47:39 AM:
In Reply to: Re: some more from Mark Lewisohn posted by **Beatlesnbaseball** on Nov 4, 2013 at 8:37:58 PM:

****Mark Lewisohn Re: The Beatles Tune In
***Here is a rather harsh review on the book- and it makes me sort of wonder if I am going to actually like it
***Details of the street route someone brought Ringo's drums to him is a bit too much, it's not something I need or even desire to know- it doesn't seem like Mark has done much self-editing. Just because he found it out doesn't mean he needs to put it in. And people keep saying he says that everything in the book is true- but I don't see how he can make that statement,
** It seems like Mark Lewisohn wants to be so detail oriented that his books will be the final say on The Beatles. I'm always interested in reading more about the Fab Four but this might be a bit much.
*I'd like to see more books about the solo years. Frankly, I'm bored to tears hearing the same stuff over and over about the group years. If I ever hear about Ringo walking out of the White Album sessions again, I'll go nuts :)

Okay I got the book and read through it, the parts I am interested in- and honestly, I think their criticism was unwarranted, they made it appear like it would be a laundry list of what they had for breakfast and such, I didn't find it tedious in that sort of way at all. I thought it was good, it's very detailed- I was afraid the writing would be kinda dry but I didn't find it like that.

John does tend to be in it a lot, but that's natural because John just has a very colorful eccentric supporting cast around him who are all interesting in their own right- Mimi, Julia, Alf, Stu- the others just don't have those kind of personalities around them not to mention Mendips is an iconic place also in his story so it seems like he might get a little bit more time.

I really just wanted to read about the songs- that is my main interest- and I thought he covered the songs pretty well, I like the extra detail he gives in talking about them- no, nothing is really new, but as critics have said, it's all fleshed out much better than has been written in the past. The Lennon-McCartney credit is talked about, too- much clearer than I've read before about it. Paul and John did have an arrangement where the main composer's name would go first- why Paul gave that up we will have to find out in the next book- it obviously will be a big sticking point for the next 50 years- at least for Paul.

But it was good, i recommend it.

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