Welcome to the JavaScript version of ColorMaker!

Changing Background & Text Colors
The 'Colors' section allows you to change background and text colors. Just select the element you wish to modify and click on the color you like. The Sample Page on the right will be updated automatically. The color pallete uses the standard 216 'web-safe' colors to increase the likelihood that visitors to your web pages will see the exact colors you specify.

Adding Background Patterns
The 'Patterns' section allows you to spice up your web pages with more than 150 different background patterns from more than 20 different major color themes. Just select a color theme, then click on the background pattern you like. The Sample Page will be updated automatically. The background patterns are NOT necessarily limited to the standard 216 'web-safe' colors. That means some of them may look hideous when viewed on monitors with less than thousands of colors (16-bit). Be sure to thoroughly test any background pattern before committing it to one of your web pages.

Links to Other Resources
The 'Links' section contains links to many sites useful for color design and web design in general. You will also find links to other web sites I've created.

Frequently Asked Questions
The 'FAQ' section provides quick answers to many of the frequently asked questions I receive regarding ColorMaker. If you need to contact me, be sure to check out this section first.

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