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Skywriting -- Apr 30, 1998
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Continued from Apr 29, 1998

"Sugarplum fairy, sugarplum fairy..."

John strummed his guitar evenly, glancing now and then at a sheet of paper with the chords and words chicken-scratched on it. "I read the news today, oh boy," he sighed, his voice echoing through the studio. As he sang, he felt Paul and Ringo eyeing him intently, old George looking down at him from the control room, and wondered vaguely where young George was at the moment.

"He blew his mind out in a car..." John's heart raced, thinking how that Tara Brown really screwed up. All that money and nothing better to do. Don't drive high, John reminded himself. Well, he never drove that much to begin with. Can't concentrate with all those damn stop signs and whatnot.

"Well I just had to look...having read the book..." John's voice suddenly cracked on the falsetto. He burst out with a giggle. "Ok, George, you c'n stop th' tape," he said. "I don't know where to go from there," John went on, addressing Paul but not looking at him. "Maybe you've got somethin' that'll go there. I got an end verse an' all, but not th' middle. So?" John finally looked up. "What d'ya think?"

Paul's already arched eyebrows were arched even higher. "Wow, Johnny," he said, nodding his head slowly, "that's jus' great." He fell silent, not knowing what else to say. "Eh, Ring?" he said, turning to him. "What d'you think?" Ringo started as if awaking from a dream, evidently deeply moved by the song. "I think it's lovely," he said. "Heh," John snorted, a wry grin on his lips, "you think ev'rythin's lovely." John smiled inwardly. Already things were rushing through his mind, things that would make this song just go through the damn roof. Bringing Paul into it...well, where would he be without Paul, let's face it. But he was only going to let Paul in on the middle 8. All the rest was his. But he knew Paul had ideas of his own. Crap. Paulie always had ideas. After all, it was his idea for that Sgt.Pepper's whozit-whatchamacall. As he absently fingered a C chord, he felt another one of those twinges, those annoying little twinges in the pit of his stomach whenever Paulie came up with something new.

"Well," John sighed reluctantly, "what've you got, Paul?" Paul leaned back in his chair, deep in thought. "Well..." he had sort of a tentative verse in his head. "I had this song that I was working on... I have the middle but not the rest. What if we made it like the guy was dreaming, and he's got all this stuff. That's you. And then he wakes up and goes and gets on a bus... that's me. Then he falls back to sleep and we go back to you and the rest of your stuff." Having finished his explanation, Paul leaned forward to wait for John's verdict. John thought... and thought. Finally he said, "Play it and we'll see." That released some of the tension and Paul sat at the piano and played it. "Hmm..." John thought about it some more. Finally he leaned forward and replied, "That'll do nicely. Now then..."

"Let's get out of this stuffy studio and have some fun, mate!" John said to Paul. but instead of getting all excited as he usually did, Paul sad there sullenly. "what's wrong?" John asked with genuine concern. "I miss Linda" Paul replied...

Continued on May 01, 1998

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