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Skywriting -- Apr 27, 1998
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Continued from Apr 26, 1998

"LOL!!!" Shawna shoted. "It's funny again!" She broke into a surprisingly on-key, well rendered solo version of the Hallelujia chours. "God I can't spell. She said.

"J-J-John, Linda!" Paul stood up slowly...reached his arms out trying to get physical contact. He couldn't feel their hands John felt sorry for Paul. "Nah mate, it's not working, you can talk..." Paul looked rather silly. "Elvis!" Paul said angrily "What the.f***..." Linda smiled "I'll tell you sometime all about it!" Jimi joined in the Halleluja chorus that was coming from somwhere "For the Lord god-omini-potent reigneth..." & Janis joined in "Halleluja..." Janis giggled. "We've given him a scare now let's go!!!"

They all stood around, trying not to laugh, and then all of a sudden they burst into a chorus of giggles. Paul was just standing there, a baffled look on his face.

John laughed so hard he cried. "Hee..." he gasped, wiping his face. "God, Paul, you should have seen yourself! You..." here John stopped to take a deep breath to sober himself before continuing. Didn't work though. "You almost pissed yourself, Paul, when you came outta there and saw Linda looking at you! Ha!"

Linda couldn't resist a giggle. Paul reached again for the group of revellers. "Ut-uh, Paul...Lookie, but no touchie-" Stu passed his hand through Paul. "Damn straight" Janis howled, leaning on Elvis for support. "why'd ya pick me?" Paul was still puzzled. "We had to see yer shiny face, Paulie..."

Paul's face held an expression of sheer disbelief. "Paul?" John said, resisting the urge to laugh. "You still conscious there?"

He was not. "We better see who else is for a little laugh. Paul won't come back, I am sure as hell". And, decided that, they left the house on Cavendish. Walking on Picadilly Circus, scaring people and havin' fun with those who couldn't see them, they suddenly were greeted by someone. "Hey John, long time no see!". They all turned to see who was greeting them. A girl in a school outfit smiled to them. "Can't you recognise me, John?", she asked.

Continued on Apr 28, 1998

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