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Skywriting -- Apr 26, 1998
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Continued from Apr 25, 1998

"So were we hanging tonight?" Jimi asked. "London say." Brian E said. "London it is!!!" Brian J announced. "John," Linda whispered. "Why do YOU hang out with Elvis, I mean, y'know the shit he pulled on you!"!!! John smirked "I got him back y'see," Linda didn't get it. "Well, y'know his dauhter and the Jackson child." "MICHAEL! You did that??!?! How?" "Whispered in the press's ears & Michaels and Prisscilla..." "Come off it!"

"Well after I smashed his ass around hell and back..the fat bastard, now he's half the size!" Linda smiled at John & they joined the other's down the old London town.

"Alright, people, who are we picking up first?", Janis asked as they flew by ol' London Town. "What about Paul? Just wondering how he is.", Jones laughed. "Of course, not wanting to offend you, Linda"., he added. Decided that, they all flew to Cavendish Avenue.

"We'd better get to him first...before he goes off for a sulk...Sorry, Mrs. Paul.." Stu apologized. John shoved him.

"Is there actually someone who can see us? Really see us?", Linda asked. "Some people do.", Elvis answered. "The mourners and the people who are going to die.". "And the kids", Stu finished. 'That's why Johnny can be seen by that young girl, that Luiza." . They arrived finally at Cavendish. "Well, ladies first", Jimmy said, laughing. Linda and Janis entered the house.

John, Jimi, Elvis, Brian Epstein, Brian Jones, & Stu followed them in. "Let's see... where would Paul be?" John questioned himself. Linda smiled. "He's on the loo. We'll have to wait." Elvis went slack jawed. "How can you tell?" "Well," Linda replied, "when you've been married for a long time you get a hunch about these kind of things." Elvis nodded and they all grinned as Paul came out, zipping up and then looking right up at them. "L-L-Linda?" he stuttered. Paul reached a hand out to Linda but it went right through her. Linda looked down at Paul's hand and then back up. "Ohh," Paul gasped, and he was out cold on the floor. Linda waved her transparent hand over Paul's face. "Paul. Paul?" She stood up. "Uh... let's go."

"no, wait, man.he's coming to....Hi Paul!" John waved at him, straddling Paul and leering down into his face. "Boo." Paul's head hit the floor again. "Now, we can go..I've been dying to do that..." Janis laughed, her voice throaty. "Oh, yeah, Honey..."

Continued on Apr 27, 1998

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