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Skywriting -- Apr 25, 1998
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Continued from Apr 24, 1998

"Brian, mate, I've gotta tell you something reallt important......." John was cut of by a big BOOM in the corner of the room. He turned to see who it was, "crikey moses........." He couldn't believe what he saw.

"Stu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" John yelled with excitment!!!!

"John," Stu grinned. "How are ya?" his Liverpol accent was thick. "Where've y'been lad?" John asked. "Painting red all over this place... sometimes I wish there really was a hell," he scratched his head "but then I would be out 'f a job wou'n' I?" (translation:wouldn't I) "Stu, this is Linda and Brian." "Hello." Brian and Linda said in unison. "Brian was our fag manager after you died...& Linda's Paul girl." John sniggered. "The smarmy bastard!" Stu chuckled.

Another thump at the door. Everybody turned to see - it was Brian Jones, still a bit pale but smiling. "Is that a meeting or I entered at the wrong place?", he laughed.

Linda was perhaps rightly astonished. There hadn't been such a meeting of the minds since the Andorran quiz bowl team of 1954. (They had all gone down in a plane crash right before the meet. No one had mourned the loss. Peter, the captain, smelled of sheep) It seemed to be quite a boys club. "It's always that way, Honey..give 'em a little bit of time." She turned to face the rough voice. Janis Joplin sat behind her wearing huge glasses and a magenta boa.

"It's always like this, you see. But time passes and it gets funnier", she smiled, then turned to the gang. " Hey old guys, is Jimmy in the house?". "He's comin'.", Jones answered. just when he finished the phrase, Jimmy entered the room carrieing his guitar. "Needin' a guitar man? Just found it", he shouted. "Welcome, Hendrix, we were talkin' bout you!", Stu shouted.

And then the whole crowd silented. Elvis had just entered into the building.

"Hello Elvis!" Stu said, "Where have you been? I've been looking through the clouds for months now!" "I've been messing around with the people on Earth, showing up here and there. Maybe now Jerry Springer will have some idiots on TV saying I SAW ELVIS!", Elvis said with a grin. "Hello John, Brian, Jimi, Janis...." He saw Linda and smiled. "Hello, I don't believe I know you." "I'm Linda McCartney, Paul's wife." she said (she said).

"Well, welcome to the place", the King said, politely. The conversation went for all hours. Linda was already part of that gang. "So, folks what about hang around for a while down on the Earth? I bet that Paul is missing his girl.", Stu said. "Wonderful idea, my teddy boy", Joplin said. "So, who's coming?"

"I'll have a bash at it..." Stu shrugged. John lit his cigarette. "Awlright then....we'll have a couple fer everyone...pick a family member er something..." "Great...stop in and see my sis again..." Janic waved her boa dramatically, even thought there was nothing to emphasize.

Continued on Apr 26, 1998

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