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Skywriting -- Apr 24, 1998
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Continued from Apr 23, 1998

"BOR-ING!" Shouted Shawna, and pushed a button. Everybody was hit by streetcars exept for John, and they went away. John was bored, so he went to a bar and got raging drunk. The two widows sighed... deep and meaningfully, it's a shame they had always argued in the past, because it could've been a nice friendship for the present and indeed the future. They were bored of people shout 'Bor-ing' it was so childish.

While people tried to figure out what the hell the last couple sentances were about, John was STILL roaring drunk. He got up to see what the jukebox had on it.


"I like that song" countered Linda. "They should have unplugged yer keyboard like they did with Yoko...that way you couldn't do any damage." The suprise of his unnatural life came when she hauled off and hit him square in the jaw.

"Go Linda!" a voice said from behind them, they swiveled 'rond and there was Brian Epstien leaning against a wall smiling. "Long time no see!"

"BRIAN!!!" John shouted and gave him a huge hug follwed by a rather polite one from Linda. "Welcome to the otherside, love," he said. "And Beyond!" John sang. Why was John in such a chirpy mood? Because Brian was back!

Continued on Apr 25, 1998

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