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Skywriting -- Apr 22, 1998
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Continued from Apr 21, 1998

She descended from her horse. "Why is this happening?" "All I got figured out is...Hell, I don't have any of it figured out. I think we're re-visiting consciousness or something." John lit a cigarette. She made a face. "so we're seeing what's happening?" "Nah....we're seeing 'could have beens' and 'might bes'" The wind whipped across the field. "oh, yeah," john added, "i forgot: we get hit by streetcars an awful lot, so watch yer back, lin." Linda smiled, and was glad that John was there with her.

Linda looked around. No streetcars in sight... not yet, anyway. The wind was freezing, luckily she had brought a jacket. In the distance she could hear a loud beep, a scream and then a screech. John shuddered.

"What's that?" "The bloody fooking streetcars, that's gotta watch them..." He led her away quickly. "They come up from nowhere and smash ya...Ya gotta pick up the pace, luv..." The two ran past the barren land toward a forrest of sorts. The trees were thick and black. "Will they find us here, John?" "I dunno..." A cold wind stirred the leaves.

"Don't let them find me you promise me that?" John looked at her, quizically. The collar of her anorak was pulled up past her chin. She pulled in down and mouthed the words. "I'm frightened" John felt his eyes begin to water. He bit down on his lip to stop the tears. "Don't be scared, Lin...I'll watch ya for Paulie...Promise." He smiled weakly.

Continued on Apr 23, 1998

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