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Skywriting -- Apr 20, 1998
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Continued from Apr 19, 1998

There was a great rending pain. everything came back in flashes of colour. The pain was like a knife. Yoko sobbed. Paul sobbed. Somehow, for the first time, they understood each other completely.

Love is real. Real is love.

And it was... or had been. Yoko flew out to Scotland to offer support to Paul during this hard time. They embraced at her arrival. Paul seemed to collapse into her arms. "God, Yoko, it hurts," he whimpered. Yoko sighed. "I know, I know." Meanwhile, she was thinking, "Geez, he's grown up! Is this the same Paul McCartney who used to throw temper tantrums?" And it was. All this that had been happening to Paul had somehow sobered him up.

Paul finally stood up. "You can come inside," he murmured quietly. Yoko followed him in. She could have sworn she could almost hear Linda in the kitchen, whistling as she always did, and the frying of some delicious veggie dish. But no one was there. Paul was all alone in this huge house.

"What's wrong, Yoko?" He turned back to her with red-rimmed eyes. "Nothing- I thought...for a moment..I thought I saw something..I guess it was just the light." He nodded slowly, understanding. "Yeah...I see it too sometimes..I see her here..or John with one of my guitars. I thought I saw him posing for it used to be when..." His voice seemed hollow. Yoko only nodded in silence.

They stood quietly, not knowing what to say to each other. Paul sighed. "Yoko?" he whispered. "Hmm?" "How did... well, how did you cope? Everyone expects me to be all wonderful and release some statement, but I can't do it! Every time I try... I just... I can't do this." Yoko knew sort of how he felt. "Paul, you have to try. You can't change anything, you know."

"You have to accept it, I'm afraid." Had they but turned 'round, they would have noticed a slight shimmer in the air behind them. A shimmer that smiled warmly. "I just keep thinking that when I open my eyes...she'll be ther...Sometimes she is- I know she is.."

"I can feel her looking over me sometimes. Then when I turn around..." Paul trailed off. "Well, nobody's there." Yoko nodded knowingly. "It's normal, Paul."

They talked through the night, Yoko sharing her experience with Paul. At the end, around 10 PM, Paul had to admit he felt a lot better. Yoko was staying in a hotel nearby. She told Paul he could call her anytime he needed to talk, and she slipped out the door. Paul turned around. Another night alone. Almost too much to bear. He lay down on the couch... he couldn't face sleeping in their bed with the left half noticeably empty.

He closed his eyes and saw the plains of nowhere. John was suprised to see another figure materialize beside him. A woman on horseback. Paul rolled over, pressing his pillow closer. John looked up at her- Her blond hair was like both a halo and a crown. "John?" Her words were half stolen by the wind. Paul heard dogs barking outside. Not barking- howling. "Welcome to the plain of nowhere, Linda." She looked around at the purple heather. Yoko clenched her pillow, the almost barren plain invading her mind as well.

Continued on Apr 21, 1998

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