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Skywriting -- Apr 19, 1998
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Continued from Apr 18, 1998

BOR-ing! John suddenly found himself standing in the middle of Hamburg, in his underwear, reading the newspaper. "Oh shit." He said. "I forgot all about Yoko back in New York!" he quickly ran to the airport, with only his underwear on. Luckily as he boarded the plane a nice stewardess managed to get him some clothes and in no time John was back in New York, hopefully in time to see Yoko wake up.

"Yoko, bird, oh Yoko bird." John whispered in her ear. "John?" she muttered half asleep. "I just had the most amazing dream about Turkish bellydancers, and Folk music, and festivals and Indian music, and African drumming...what could it all 've meant?" Yoko smiled. "Sounds like a wild thing that happened to me!" they got up and fixed themselves coffee. "What made you so tired before Yoko?"

"This is getting incredibly lame," thought John. Just a few weeks ago everything was so.....well, not lame!" SOMEONE DO SOMETHING! Then John got hit by a streetcar.

"NO!!!" Shouted Paul, as he bolted upright. He told himself it was only a dream. He turned to Linda, to tell her about it, and he was instantly fully awake. The dream was real. Linda was dead.

Continued on Apr 20, 1998

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