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Skywriting -- Apr 16, 1998
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Continued from Apr 15, 1998

George Formby is on stage, playing his ukelele. A bird shits on him. John says, "wish I was as free as a bird!" Paul replies, "Whatever happened to the life we once knew, Winston O' Boogie? John: "I dunno. Follow that bird."

John and Paul took off across the stage, intending to follow the bird and see if it led them anywhere. A shit-covered George Formby shoots them a dirty look. John wished he had a camera-- the look on George's poo-covered face was priceless! John snickered to himself. Glancing out at the audience, he spotted a reporter. Good. He made a mental note to buy a newspaper tomorrow so he could clip out the picture of George and the encounter with the bird.

Then George got hit by a streetcar and John and Paul left the theatre in search of adventures.

John screamed in anger at the futility of the piece. He crumpled the sheet of paper. "Fuck all of this!" He felt like hurling the blasted typewriter onto 72nd street. He contented himself with a handful of hair he yanked out by the roots. He lit his cigarette and let the match burn down to his fingers. He dropped it with a yelp onto the white carpet. "Shite..." He felt lost and more hopless than before.

Continued on Apr 17, 1998

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