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Skywriting -- Apr 15, 1998
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Continued from Apr 14, 1998

But enough of that I say dear kiddies. "Sincelery I must recycle my lilac slippers", John replied with an eye. They found this to be surreally real in a way that could only be explained in the disposiable thumbs. "In the morning potato chip confetti rains down on the upsidedown mountains and me trousers are drawing the color of your mind. Why not I dear drink with Yoko?"

Without warning the clouds suddenly parted and a beam of pure light shot out from the clouds. "THOU HAST CREATED TOO MANY CHARACTERS!" spoke a booming voice from the sky. Off in the distance, hardly noticible at first, but growing with every second, was a the sound of 10,000 streetcars in the distance commanded fueled by the wrath of God out to run down all useless characters.

"In the beginning there was a war. And to the war you shall return to pay the price of your daring.", God shouted.

And so, God destroyed all the useless characters, leaving only the important characters to add to the exciting plot. * * *

So there was John. And Paul. A streetcar zoomed past narrowly missing Paul. "So....," said John. "Yeah.......," said Paul. John coughed. Paul coughed as well. "Well, uh, Paul......hmmmm....," said John, "nice weather we've been having, huh?" "Uh, oh, yes. Quite lovely," said Paul. "Yeah......*sigh*...." Tumbleweed blew down the street. It was hit by a streetcar. "Say, Paul," said John, "how's about we just go off and get laid or something?" "I'm with you, mate!" said Paul. So they did.

*Fade to Black*

*Close Curtain*

*End Act III*

Behind the curtains and on the audience, the whispered conversations took place. "What will be this time, it seems we ran off of topic.", one said. "Dont underestimate the brains of the bagists, fellow.", other said "Im pretty sure they will find out something". "SHHHHH, silence, you two on the backstage! Shows gonna start!".

"Pst, hey fellows, have you seen the screentext", someone asked on the backstage. "As if we had one", one of the guys muttered. "Here now, this is serious. The curtains are about to open. For Gods sake, find up that book!"

Continued on Apr 16, 1998

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