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Skywriting -- Apr 13, 1998
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Continued from Apr 12, 1998

"Dad get a grip" She said. "all of this- you know, me going out with John and all has been a test. I was testing you dad, to see how much you trusted me. Not very much, I've found. But anyhow, can you go and tell John it was a joke? Tell him that he's sweet and everything but he's waaaaaaaayyyyyyy to old 4 me.Thanks daddy, love ya" She kissed a rather dumbfounded Paul on the cheek and hurried out. "CIOA" she called breezily as she left. Paul picked up the phone and dialled John's number.......

"NO, life isn't worth living," bellowed John into the mobile phone.He looked over the ledge of the building and moved closer to the edge. "Look, John, don't do it, if you kill yourself then the media will have a feild day." "I don't care," John dropped the phone onto the ground and thought about what to do.'Live unhappily or get it all overwith?' He made up his mind and..........

turned around to go back inside. He inched along to the window, and raised his foot to put it through the open window and onto the couch, but the moment he did that he was off balance. John fell four stories down from his hotel. Luckily for John, Paul had been worried about him, and so had sped over there. Paul was just walking toward the entrance when he stopped to tie his shoe. And just then, John came flying down on Paul like a nuclear missile.

"AAAGH!" John screamed. Paul was flattened into the ground by the impact, but at least it wasn't as bad as the streetcars were. At least this left both Beatles alive; a little sore, maybe, but alive. "What on earth?..." Paul groaned, once it was over. John rolled off of Paul and rubbed his back. "Oww. You all right then?" Paul looked up. "John?" "Yeah. I was going to go back inside but I slipped or something. You okay?" Paul winced. "I think so." John pulled Paul off of the ground. "Coffee?" John asked. "Okay." And so John and Paul, friends again, went for coffee in John's apartment.

"Man, am I ever glad that were chums again," John said. "yeah, me too" said Paul. "hey do you want to call Ringo and George and get 'em over here just like the old days?" "Yeah, then we can go out and hit the town, have a real party." And with that they phoned the guys and had one hell of a night. They had fun, a little too much fun........ the result was obvious - next day John woke up with a hell of a headache. He couldn't see a thing, even with his glasses on. He thought he could walk a bit, to see if that worked, but he got lost. He ended up in front of an old house. He thought he should ask for information.

So he stopped the next guy who walked by on the sidewalk. "Hey, man, do you know who lives there?" he asked the man. "Oh... OH!" the man said, with a look of terror on his face when he realized exactly which house John was pointing at. "Don't go near there, please, if you value your life, don't get anywhere near there. I can say no more." The mysterious man said as he ran down the sidewalk. Just then, on cue, the sky went dark and the wind began howling throught the trees. Thunder roared. John...

He was about to run when he heard a voice shouting... a child's voice pleading for her own life. "Let go of me!", she shouted, trying to get rid of something. "I will never tell you...never tell you!" Another voice shouted at her. "You better or I am going to find out by meself! Do you think that your friend John would like to receive your precious little head as a birthday gift, Luiza? Tell me...the secret of their music...tell me NOW!" . Luiza started to cry. "Cut me head then. If it that what it takes. You will never know on what depends on me, Jagger."

"Luiza?" John thought, looking around to see. "Mick?" He looked behind the house, behind the trees, under things, trying to find the sources of these voices but they were nowhere to be found.

Then he saw it. In the window of one of the upstairs bedrooms. Mick shakin' his bony ass, doing those oh-so-seductive trademark moves. He heard a girl screaming for him to "stop, stop STOP!!!" but Jagger would not. John knew that danger or no danger, he had to get her out of there...

He thought he was dreaming - maybe it was reflection of the huge hangover he was passing through. But when he went back home he found out it wasn´t a bad dream, or a hallucination. Luiza´s sister, Anna, was around. "That brat is nowhere! I searched everywhere but inside the Our Lady Mary´s grave yard graves, but no way, she is gone. Did you see her". John had to admit he didn´t...

Then they all got hit by streetcars.

Continued on Apr 14, 1998

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