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Skywriting -- Apr 08, 1998
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Continued from Apr 07, 1998

He ordered a shot of the strongest they had and downed it in one gulp. The room became slightly wavery. "Almost there," Harry mumbled to himself. He bought himself something lighter this time, a Budweiser. He chugged his Bud like there was no tomorrow. "Something wrong?" the bartender asked him. Harry ordered another Bud and replied "Not anymore."

Finally. Dusk and Harry was still chugging them down. He couldn't see straight anymore. The room was beginning to fill up with the new crowd, a whole house of excited men who were celebrating a bachelor party.

Harry just sighed, unhappy. He was so sad that he wanted to be hit by a streetcar ( see how low a man can go just because of a couple of beers ). Someone came into the bar after Harry. It couldn't be him!

"Get the hell away from here, Syd!", Harry shouted. "I am enough blue for the week!". Syd Barret just stared into him. "Don't be stupid, Harry. I am bringin you a message." "Oh really. From who? God?". "Oh not, I didn't meet Clapton these days...well, read it and guess it. Goodbye.". Syd just disappeared, leaving Harry with a blue envelope in hands.

Then suddenly it exploded reducing Harry to a pile of ash.

The police squad came and took what was left of Syd, Harry, and the bar and did what any respectable police force would do- dump it all in the river. The plot continued as streetcars flew by in a frenzy.

Then someone realized that this story had gotten WAY off-topic. who the hell cared about Harry? who the hell was sid???? MEANWHILE, back in London.... John got hit by a streetcar.

Continued on Apr 09, 1998

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