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Skywriting -- Apr 07, 1998
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Continued from Apr 06, 1998

Paul actually did pass out a minute later, and went "flop" onto the ground, Linda with him (she was still latched on). Francie started to run the remainding of the stairs, and knelt down beside Paul and knocked Linda to the side.

"Paulie, dearie!", Francie shouted - that was more than sufficient to make him wake up. All the others were stiffing laughters. For one second, the "cute" boy was caught off guard...

and he tugged her down by the low neck of her shirt and stuck his tongue down her throat. She obviously liked it, because she straddled him and kept on going until...

Linda had straightened herself out (she was rather shaken after being knocked to the ground two times within one minute) enough to realize what was going on. She started to cry and ran out. John looked at Paul, or the parts of him that weren't covered up by Francie on top of him, but he hadn't seemed to notice...

Then he got hit by a streetcar, that womanizing bastard.

John stared in disbelief at the sad remains of Paul and Francie mixed together. "How the hell did a streetcar get INSIDE the house?" John stammered, on the verge of tears. "Oh, pull yourself together, John!" Linda snapped at him. "Paul got what was coming to him... sooner or later..." John looked at Linda. She was right y'know. Maybe she couldn't sing, and maybe she was a bit of a rich snob and maybe everyone else hated her, but he was beginning to like the girl...

so he took her upstairs and shagged her, baby yeah!

but Paul wasnt dead after all. he scraped himself up off the ground, and...

Harry hit him full in the face. Paul fell back. "I've had enough of you AND those Goddam streetcars. ENOUGH!" No one had ever seen Harry haul off and slug someone. John's jaw hung open in wonder. He was slightly envious.

Harry left the place, hitting the doors away, angry like never. Within reason - who wouldn't be angry with so many streetcars going on by? Harry decided to go somewhere he couldn't be bothered or recognised. But where? Just then he saw that old pub, the Riverside. And he entered, decided to drink dawn till dusk.

Continued on Apr 08, 1998

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