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Skywriting -- Apr 06, 1998
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Continued from Apr 05, 1998

"you should have known that, John", Barret said. "The story repeats itself. Just see that Oasis. You will be always hit by streetcars. You can't run from that.". "Shut up, you!", John wailed. "And may I ask you what are you doing with Luiza?" . "I invited her over... as far as I am concerned, she's nothing of yours!". With that, Syd Barret dissapeared into a psychedelic fog...lraving John alone to be hit by streetcars, as usual that is.

Paul walked up to find his mate's brains splattered all over the pavement. He was with his "femme du jour", and yeah, she was tall, blonde, skinny, etc. she screamed. "Oh my goodness, Paul, what are we going to do?" she said in a helpless, pathetic, "help me, i'm blonde" voice as she batted her long eyelashes at him...

And Paul and his brainless date wre promptly run over. The difference was, the car was driven by Keith Moon. Harry sat by his side, cheering him on. "Back over the blonde again." So they did. Whumph. It sent them into another fit of giggles.

Harry let out one last laugh, wiping tears of mirth out of his eyes. "Man, that was good," he giggled. "Brings back some memories, don't it?" He was referring to, of course, the frat party he and Keith had had in college, running the whole campus over with streetcars and then getting suspended when they accidentally ran over the dean. It'd been worth it though; remembering the look on the dean's face made them start laughing all over again.

Keith was bent over, his head in his hands, laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. Just when he started being able to take in a simple breath, he'd look at Harry and the expression on Harry's face would cause another laughing fit. Keith gasped. "Let's do that again!" he suggested. Harry snickered. "Nah, let's not. Paul's already flat enough!"

"Bah, Keith, you´re such a bore!", Harry moaned, but obeying to his mate. The streetcar they were at were running thru narrow streets, the narrow streets of Marylebone, the most wicked of London´s wicked neighbourhoods. Harry and Keith found strange ( very ) to see Ringo´s car stood in front of one of the houses. And wondering who he was visiting, they knocked on the door.

A girl with flaming hazel eyes opened up the door. She was a sight - angry as a wolf.

"He promised me Beatles....And all I get is another drummer and...a....I don't know what you are!" She shrieked at Harry. Harry doffed his cap. "Actually, I'm a forty-two year old Chinese woman...." He began to get all misty. "But that was two lives ago." She dragged the two in and slammed the door.

But just then Paul and Linda arrived at the house. (of course this was the house that John, Harry and Keith lived in during the "lost weekend") Paul knocked on the door. After what seemed like a century, Keith answered. "Hey, man, long time no see!" he greeted Paul "we thought you were dead!" Paul raised an eyebrow "No, i'm not dead." he said as he and Linda pushed past keith. "But i have a message for John. Is he in?" But keith wasn't looking at Paul, he was looking at Linda. Something about the look in his eyes made Paul a little uneasy... "KEITH!" he repeated, louder this time. "Huh?" Keith snapped out of his daze. "Yeah, John's right--" but before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by...

John sliding down the bannister and flying off, knocking Keith, Paul and Linda all onto the ground. "PAUL!" John exclaimed, when he found himself lying smack on top of his old mate. "Hi" Paul said as he tryed to push John off of him so he could breathe again. "We have a message for you" he told John. "Do you want to go back to Yoko?"

John stared at the ceiling, as if to contemplate the question thoroughly. "No, not really" he said nonchalantly. "I haven't had this much fun since... well, since Hamburg, Paul! You should try it!" And Paul probably would have, except for the fact that Linda was standing right their, latching onto his arm like a leech. But just then someone came downstairs and Paul gasped. It was...

FRANCIE SCHWARTZ! Paul's ex-girlfriend-supergroupie-who-sold-her-story-and-made-Paul-look-like-the-sex-crazed-womanizer-he-really-was was slowly descending the stairs. Paul went wide eyed and almost passed out....

Continued on Apr 07, 1998

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