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Skywriting -- Apr 04, 1998
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Continued from Apr 03, 1998

"it's not what it looks like!" he pathetically retorted, a few seconds too late. "I think she's gone" john said after there was no answer...

Then they all got hit by streetcars.

"I think," said Harry, that John is correct." Paul shot the still on the floor Harry a nasty look. "I'm not helping you get her back, either...I've had my fill of that." "Me too, Har..." "You weren't locked up, though, John"

"Yeah, but still, almost getting caught, all that stuff with Mick and Brian, and having to be on the guard all the time while we were hiding Paul? Too much!" John replied.

And so Paul was back out on his butt. This time, at least it was slightly warmer out so Paul wouldn't get sick after he spent the night outside alone. While he was trying to find a place to stay, John and Harry were...

hanging around John's apartment. Yoko was out getting a business deal; John and Harry were watching Sean sleep.

"Yeah, John...but all kids are sweet when they're asleep...I know that little game..." Harry looked at the ceiling of the playroom. "She got to be Wonder Woman? I guess she could be...she certainly has the balls..." John dug at Harry with his elbow. "Shhhh" Harry grimaced. "Jesus, Lennon....haven't you been eating? You're all bones...that hurt..." John shushed him. "You'll wake Sean."

So as the wee Lennon sleeps noisily, the large Lennon tells his guests to seat themselves in a seat, and keep themselves busy with John's collection of antique glass cocktail stirrers. Johnny sneaks into the kitchen, and begins rumagging through his closets. As Pauly and Linda sit back and stick cocktail stirrers up their noses, Johnny goes to work in the kitchen. He mixes and stirs and sneezes. Finally, Johnny realizes that he is out of flour. Paul asks John what he's doing, by saying "John, what are you doing"? John replies that he's making bread, by saying "Shut up you bloody wanker, I'm making bread". However, John cannot make any bread. He has no flour. What shall he do? John has an idea. He opens the window in the kitchen, and climbs out. Miraculously, he survives the long drop. He then sprints down the street. Mind you, Paul is still sitting in the living room, with two glass rods stuck up his nose. John runs down the street, and his many fans notice him and begin yelling to him.

"God,'s a wonder Sean doesn't have nightmares with all these stories...." Harry sipped his drink, admiring the cocktail stir in the glass. It had a little bird on top. "Nah, Har...we joke around....we're pals..." Harry shrugged. "I suppose..." Harry continued to speak, though John had looked away "I'd never tell Zak a story like that, John...He wouldn't sleep for weeks..."

John smiled. "Really. Guess he takes after you, then." Harry grinned and gave John a playful punch on the arm. "Ah, shurrup, you bugger. You ain't much better." John stirred his cocktail with his favorite stirrer, the one he'd gotten at Gibraltar when he and Yoko were married. "What do we do now? Can't leave Sean alone."

"S'pose we can't, John...." He stirred his drink again. They heard car horns honking from below. "We could trade more stories...It's not much...but know this place is haunted..." "You've only mentioned it a thousand times..."

Continued on Apr 05, 1998

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