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Skywriting -- Apr 02, 1998
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Continued from Apr 01, 1998

Walking slowly down the buisy main street, the three companions mused ofer what they could do next. "This is starting to get messy John", Paul sighed. "I've been 'missing' for over a week now and Linda's not showing any sign of cracking. John rubbed his chin and closed his eyes. There must be something they could do. "Macca!" John's face suddenly broke into an unfeasably large grin, "I think I've got it." They all huddled together as John revieled his plan. Eight o'clock thatr evening Paul found himself stood in the middle of his front garden looking at his house, knowing that Lin was just putting the kids to bed, probably reasuring them that daddy would be O.K. What had John told him to do next.....Oh yes....

Harry collected the pebbles. He took all the shiny ones for himself. He figured he could do something with them later. He handed the dull ones to John. "Now, Paul, all you have to do it pelt the window..." Harry snickered. He had an idea of what this was leading up to. "Not the old Cyrano stunt, John...." "Shirrup,, Paul, don't throw them too hard.."

"Don't want to break the window. Hey, you know what you're going to say to Linda?" He shook his head, smiling. "Nah, Har, I don't...Beacause yer gonna do the talking" Harry's eyes widened. "I'm going to do WHAT?"

But it was too late for negotiation. John threw the first pebble up towards the window as harry and paul ducked behind the bushes. It was so dark that Linda would only be able to make out John's silhouette. John wasn't exactly the greatest shot, and the pebble pivotted off the roof. "Christ John!" Paul shouted in a whisper. "Here, i'll do it." he said as he grabbed the pebble from John and proceeded to fling it towards the window...

there was a huge smashing noise, a woman's voice said "what the FUCK?!" and then i light went on in the window. Soon they were able to see Linda's head peeking out, squinting to see who was outside. John ducked behind the bushes with Paul and Harry "Now you've gone and done it, Paulie" he whispered. She waited there for a minute, in her lingere which raised many eyebrows, until another figure appeared in the window beside her. A man. "Oh my god it's....

Brian!" Paul couldn't bring himself to look. "Brian who?" "Eppy, you bloody fool!" John snapped. Harry snorted. "Really? I thought he was gay!" "So'd I! I wonder what they're doing up there!" John shrugged. "Who's to say? He's probably just comforting her cause Paul got lost." "She's wearing next to nothing!" Harry pointed out. "I doubt that's all he's up there for!"

"SHIRRUP, HARRY!" Paul bellowed. Linda looked out her window again. The face of good, old Eppy appeared beside her. "Paul?" Paul hit Harry before he could duck. John snarled. "Leave 'em alone...he only tried to help...You got him arrested...and then you hit him?" Harry wiped the blood from his nose. "Shit, Paul. Next time hit me a little harder- I was aimming for the broken nose look."

"Say it a little louder, Macca...You shirrup too, Nilsson...D'ya want them down here?" Harry shook his head. "I don't want anyone to know I've been standing here in the garden for almost an hour having you make an ass of me, John."

John pelted Paul with the remainder of the stones. Paul whimpered helplessly. Harry pulled his hat down and his scarf up. "Stop it, John...we'll get caught..." Lights went on in the ground floor. "Shite,!" John took off with Paul. Harry sat down in the bushes again.

Then John said to Paul, " i guess Linda was pretty desperate to go with the f word that rythms with maggot!" Paul lost it. Soon John and Him were in the arcade, killing each other on the video game "street fighter 2". They were argueing who would be chung li!

Oh, the sadness that it was. Such a silly situation. How the wizardry had returned to its wizard - Linda wasn't missing Paul, but he was missing her! "what am I going to do?", he started to think, as he watched John and Harry fighting over at the machine, trying to be the first to play. "Indeed, what am I going to do?"

"Um...You could just try going back to her.." Harry grunted as he pushed John's face away. "Or, you could find someone else to show up in public with..." John bit Harry's hand. Harry wailed in pain. "Or I could leave you two here..." The two stopped, looked over at him, then resumed their quarrel.

"Just fucking go back to her..." Harry shoved John down, and grinned at Macca." John, struggling to rise, began to curse and kick. "Damn you, Harry, get the Hell offa me." Paul decided to wait patiently. In time, the two singers got rather bored and decided to sit and rationalize with Paul. "You should go back...Har's right..."

Paul sighed. "Yeah, maybe you're right." Paul walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

Eppy opened the door. "Oh, Paul...We thought...oh, we thought the worst...Linda called me over...she was so frightened for you..." He saw Harry and John watching from the bushes with caution.

"Bri? What are you doing, love?" came the sound of Linda's voice from upstairs. She was slowly descending the stairs. "Mick and I - " she stopped dead when she saw Paul standing at the door all covered in mud from lying behind the bushes for so long. "MICK?!" Paul managed to get out, just as Mick practically fell down the stairs, but thankfully grabbed Linda around the waist to steady himself. she giggled. Mick was in his briefs (yes, that's what he wears, folks) and only his briefs. Linda was in some lingere that, in years to come, her daughter would pass off as "dresses". But as it was Paul was shocked. he didn't know if it was simply the fact that Linda didn't seem to be missing him, the fact that she was with mick, or the fact that they appeared to be having a bi-sexual orgy (and hadn't invited him!) that he found more shocking. as he was trying to think which of the above it was...

Anita Pallenburg and Marianne Faithfull descended the stairs, wearing similar attire to linda's. anita walked straight over to Linda and began french kissing her. just as Paul was about to protest, marianne aggressively straddled him, sending him hurtling to the ground with her on top of him. "well, as long as i get some too, i guess it's not too bad" Paul thought to himself as he...

Continued on Apr 03, 1998

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