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Skywriting -- Mar 28, 1998
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Continued from Mar 27, 1998

Meanwhile back, in some house in Marylebone... "What do you mean, Luiza?", Helena asked. Luiza had to explain for the umpteenth time what happened. Helena was a bit of a brick-head sometimes. "I swear it was him. In the name of the father, the son and the White Album. He didn't recognise me. But I swear it was him". Anna came from inside the house. "Well, sis, if it is him, then we wil know. And now, you little brat, let's go. I have to take you to the school, remember?". Luiza sighed, but followed her sister across the street. On the way, however, they knocked on John - but none of them didn't reconise him. How could they, anyway? He was Yoko now! Then he got hit by a streetcar.

"Aagh!" he screamed. When was this business with the streetcars going to stop? This was driving John crazy! He wondered if he had changed again. He got up and went to the nearest mirror and looked in. It seemed that every time he got hit by a streetcar he changed bodies. Thank god he was a man now, at least... but his latest change had turned him into Brian Epstein. "Oh shit..." John whispered. What was this going to do to him? He knew full well Brian was gay, would he be now that he had Brian's body?

"Stop thinking like that," he chided himself. "You've still got your mind, haven't you? No need to worry about that." He looked down; wearing a respectable suit, now, at least. As Yoko he'd worn this tight black outfit which he hated. No matter what anybody said, wool just did not breathe. He went home to Cyn. She gasped the moment he walked in. "Brian!" she shrieked. "But...but you're dead!" "I'm John," John snapped irratibly. "You don't look much better, you're still a man." Cyn pouted. "But Cyn," John continued, "every time you get run over by a streetcar you change bodies! All you need to do is go outside and jump in front of one!" So they went, and Cyn did transform, only now she was... BILL DANYLO, LEAD SINGER FOR ORGANIZED CHAOS!!!!!!

Cyn ran right back into the house to see her new face. "AAGH!" she screamed. "I'm still a man!" She looked a little closer. "Pretty good-looking though. I look like that Organized Chaos guy... what was his name again? Hmm... at least I'm the cute one."

(Picture of Organized Chaos guy here)

"What a pretty guy!", Helena shouted as she saw John, now as the leader of that Organized whatever. John went to greet her, and try to get some in that new human outfit. Just then Luiza came back from the school "Hey sis, won't you introcude me to the man?" she shouted.

He was promptly run over. As he got up, he discovered with some joy he looked more familiar. "I'm me, Girls!" Luisa seemed uninterested. "It's just the bloody accountant again." He looked down. His glasses plus Brian's suit. And Dot's stockings.

then he was run over again. He was Leonardo DiCaprio! Soon all these girls were chasing him! How was john/leo gonna get outta of this?

"Augh!" he screamed. Being Leo DiCaprio was even worse than Beatlemania! At least the Beatlemaniacs were sensible and cunning. You could almost appreciate their numerous schemes to see the Beatles, because all were well thought out, and reasonable too, but this situation he was in now was just plain crazy. He ran and ran. A streetcar's horn tooted in the distance. Bingo. He'd run himself over again and be saved...

or so he thought. He made a superhuman leap and jumped in front of the streetcar. A girl screamed. "Leo, no!" The streetcar mowed him into the ground. When he woke up he had all this blond hair hanging in his face. "Uh-oh," he thought. "This can't be good." He gathered up his courage and stood up. He noticed he was a lot shorter than he used to be. He dragged himself to the nearest reflective surface and looked in. He gasped. He was now...

Taylor Hanson. He was really thin now. And much younger and more energetic. Could there possibly be a downside to this?

Then he got hit by a small bi-plane.

Continued on Mar 29, 1998

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