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Skywriting -- Mar 27, 1998
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Continued from Mar 26, 1998

It was at this point that John caught a glimps of himself in the glass door to his right. His hand slowly let go of Paul's shirt and fell limply to his side. No wonder Paul didn't know who he was. The face looking back at him was not that of John Lennon, but his old Maths teacher - Mrs. Bumble! Paul dropped John on the ground. "And I don't ever want to see your face again..who are you?" John took a deep breath. "Joan Bumble."

Paul ignored this carzy woman and stumbled off down the corridor, pausing only to be sick all over his female friend (who was becoming less impressed by the minute). John just sat there on the floor, head in hands, trying to figure out what he had done to deserve this cruel trist of fate.

The woman shrieked in disgust. "Paulie! Ugh!" She walked off angrily. "Can I still call you?" Paul yelled after her. She ignored him. Paul would never be able to get a hooker in England again after this girl told all her friends about Paul McCartney's ways with girls.

"Ohh..." Paul sat on the floor. He'd had a little too much to drink; he was like John in that respect, couldn't hold his alcohol. John got up to mope in the bathroom. Should he use the men's or women's? He finally decided on the women's, but when he looked in the mirror, his face had changed he closely resembled Dot Rhone, one of Paul's former girlfriends. John smiled. Maybe he could have some fun with this.

John walked out, still marveling. Reincarnated as a woman! This was too much! He stood over Paul, who was lying there with his eyes closed. "Paul?" he asked, noticing that his voice was a little higher in pitch now. He hoped that was temporary. Paul opened his eyes. "Dot? What're you doing here?" John/Dot pulled Paul to his feet. "You're stone drunk, you bloody fool. Who was that you were with?" Paul shook his head and was almost sick on John, but John managed to leap back in time. John (Dot?) dragged Paul to Hyde Park and he (she?) left Paul on top of a bench, stinking of cheap champagne and snoring.

Once again, he was trying out the old legs on high heels. Thankfully, due to his first adventure, he was more sure on his feet. He was also, he thought, quite safe. No one would expect a woman to punch like a man. Then he got hit by a streetcar.

John ignored the streetcar to see what other fun he could have. He was actually a little scared that men (like Paul in that respect) would try to pick him up. as he was walking, he found Luiza. John almost said hi, but she recognized him, even as a women! "Hello John, parading around as on of Pauls numerous girlfriends I see."

"Who are you? How do you know me?" John said. He'd never seen this girl, yet she recognised him, even in the wrong body. "John, don't you know me?" She asked. "No, I've never seen yer before in me life!" He said, and went on his way.

He walked into a bar, almost forgetting his looks. Numerous men hooted and catcalled at him; he flashed them all the bird and ordered a lager & lime.

"Little strong for a woman, innit?" the bartender asked. "Shurrup and get my drink," Dot (John) replied. "It's been a hard day's night and I need liquor." What was that? John'd never said anything like that. Perhaps being Dot involved more than a physical change.

and then the bartender got hit by a streetcar

Damn street cars. I hate those little buggers, don't you? ANYWAYS, John got tired of the bar and went out side, where he was promptly hit by.... You guessed it, a street car.

He got up and found he was in yet another body. This one was short, and had long black hair. "Oh no, I'm in Yoko's body!" John said.

Back in the old story line, Cyn was sitting in the kitchen, mad as hell. "They go off and put John right, and even start all over again, and they just leave me here like this! Yoou'd think they could at least turn me back into a woman, instead of just leaving me as a man!!!" She got up and walked out the door, and headed towards the new story lline.

John sat helplessly in the middle of this tangled web. He sighed.

Not only had he been run over by a streetcar, but he was now Yoko. What was Cyn going to think of this? More importantly, what was Yoko going to think of this?

Continued on Mar 28, 1998

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