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Skywriting -- Mar 23, 1998
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Continued from Mar 22, 1998

"He..." John hadn't run in a long time, and so was struggling for breath. "He...ah...he..." Luiza and John were still running. "What?" Luiza gasped. "Well...uh...that man..." John just couldn't say it. He didn't have enough breath to talk. The man ducked into an alley. "There he goes!" Luiza shouted. "After him!" Luiza was the one who was pulling now, dragging John after her. They followed the man into an alley. The alley was a dead end...but the man was gone! Luiza and John were completely baffled. "Where'd he go?" Luiza pondered out loud. John said nothing, only collapsed onto the ground, gasping for his breath. "All that for nothing," he groaned when he finally regained some strength. "For nothing."

Luiza helped John get up. "Well, not for nothing, John," she said. "Well, he's gone, isn't he?" They walked down the street, Luiza strolling along and practically dragging John, who really HADN'T run in a long time. Suddenly John heard this whine behind him. It got louder, and louder. John glanced over his shoulder. "OH NO...

FANS!!!" "Run!" Luiza screamed. "Not again..." John whined as they took off down the street. "They're gaining on us!" John squawked as the fans closed in. "We're doomed!" They ran and ran and ran. The fans never got slower, just kept gaining as Luiza and John got tired and slowed down considerably. "They're on us!" Luiza yelped. "Quick, in here!" She grabbed John by the coat sleeve and dragged him into an abandoned warehouse. At least, they thought it was abandoned: apparently the rats loved it there.

"I am afraid of rats", Luiza said "but I am more afraid of your fans." John's heart was almost dropping. He was completely out of breath. It's been a time since he last ran like that. They could hear steps coming from the street, "We gotta find them. They didn't disappear, did they?". "It's Helena! She might be searching for me. I got to go...but...John , tell me, who was the man? The man you were running after?" Then she got hit by a streetcar.

As John was busy, worrieing about the streetcar, Luiza left him alone. Again. If he couldn't tell her who was the man they were running after, she'd have to find out by herself later. Later...maybe tomorrow. It was late as it could be to a kid like her be hanging around the street. "Anna", she asked, "can you tell me a story?" . She looked to her younger sister. And nodded. As she was telling, probably for the umpeteenth time, the old story of Cinderella, the door knocked. Helena went to see who was. And it was a man in a fur hat. "Can I help you, sir?", she asked.

"Sir?", she asked more one time. But there wasn't any answer. The last thing Anna and Luiza heard were a thump downstairs, and the door slamming. "Now I am worried.", Anna said. "I hope it wasn't a streetcar.". She went downstairs to see what happened.

Shawna was back after a day's absence, and she was mad. "I wouldn't whimper like that! I'd bite back! I'm goona have to do something about this."

"Helena? What happened, sis?", Anna asked, as she went to the doorway. Shawna hid herself, afraid of the reaction.

Shawna did NOT hide herself, NOT being afraid of the reaction. She walked right in full view.

Then she got hit by a streetcar. "Stupid streetcars. If people don't like me, all they have to do is say it and I'll go away and never come back. They don't need to have me do idiotic things and get hit by streetcars and all. If people don't like me, why don't they say so? I can handle it." Shawna said, getting up.]

A guy poked his head out of the window of the streetcar. "I don't like you!" he yelled. Then she got hit by a streetcar.

"I don't like you either!" Shawna yelled back, resolving to never come back after tommorow. Then she got hit by a streetcar.

Then the streetcar that had been disrupting Skywriting got hit by a bigger, more evil streetcar.

COOL!!! It's like CLASH OF THE TITANS!!!!!

John looked over to George who was on the roof of the building accross the street. George & Ravi were waving sitars in the air & mumbling. Suddenly, a large whirling dervish came down out of the sky & swallowed up the streetcars, Shawna & all. John smiled up at the lads & stuck his thumb up in approval. Suddenly, a limo pulled to a halt in front of him & he was pulled in. When he regained his composure he looked up & saw... BILL DANYLO- LEAD SINGER FOR ORGANIZED CHAOS!!! John was awed.

Shawna watched from her window, saddened. She had tried to have fun, to fit in here, but nobody seemed to like her. She turned away from the window to a small record player. She picked up a record and started playing it. The voice of Jewel, a singer she liked, filled the room. She sang along with the record, drowning in her tears and wishing people would realise she was not a work of fiction, that she actually existed. "Well in case you failed to notice, in case you failed to see, This is my heart bleeding before you, this is me down on my knees." She sang. "And these foolish games are tearing me apart, and your thoughtless words are breaking my heart... You're breaking my heart." She listened to the record and got up to go outside into the rain. Nobody would notice her tears in the rain.

But someone did. Luiza, her sister. "Shawna, whats wrong?" "everyone hates me. They keep hitting me with streetcars and stuff." "hey, don't worry about it" replied Luiza "John gets hit by streetcars constantly, and he's the main character. Oh my! that reminds me. John, Yoko and I are suppose to be holding a nonviolent streetcar protsest in a bed in Canada."

The man stuck his head outside the window of the streetcar again. "Awwww, it's not that we don't like you," he said. "We just hit people with streetcars a lot over here! Look at how many times JOHN's been hit!" :^)

"Yeah," John yelled from across the street. "Look at that!" Then John was hit by another streetcar. "This only proves my point!" he yelled from where he lay as road pizza on the ground.

He noticed how beautiful the sky was. It seemed to have been ages- perhaps it had only been pages- since he last looked up at the sky. He quite forgot why he had chased the man in the fur hat and why he had been chased. He just watched the stars as they came closer and farther. John smiled.

It was like the stars were dancing. They filled his eyes, his mind, controlled his being! "OH SHITE!" screamed John as his body was lifted from the ground and somehow pulled towards the heavens.

Eight miles high and still flying up and up... John realised that it wasn't the stars who were getting closer, it was him who was flying in their direction. There might be a secret witten in the stars. The answer, maybe. Or another question to solve ( as if he didn't have many puzzles to fix ). The stars were more and more closer...

"Shite, shite, shite..." But the being pulled upwards wasn't bad. He could ignore it. It was almost like flying.

Stu. Paul, George and Ringo were bored. Sitting on pink clouds was not exactly their idea of a good time. It wasn't Shawna's either. She was the underdog here, the person nobody gave a shit about, the one people had this strange desire to have be a weakling, even though she wasn't. She went to Limbo-land to rescue Stu, Paul, George and Ringo.

"Hey guys, come on. I'll write about you." "Ok, cool." Said paul, which made everybody look at him funny. Paul never talked like that. They were standing in the middle of London, so thewy didn't really have time to woory. Paul George and Ringo were under attack by thousands of screaming fans. "Let's get out of here!" Stu screamed over the noise. "Good idea Stu!" Paul shouted back. George and Ringo nodded assent and we were off.

John looked at his hands in the moonlight. They seemed to glow in the pale light. He could see all the city lights. He could even pick out the Tavern on the Green and the ampitheatre in the park. He was no longer nervous. He felt more at ease than he had ever felt before. JOhn was almost tempted to search no farther.

Continued on Mar 24, 1998

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