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Skywriting -- Mar 22, 1998
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Continued from Mar 21, 1998

John was bored. There was nothing more monotonous than standing around getting your picture taken. "John, could you please look at me?" The guy with the camera asked. "Huh? Wha? Oh, OK." John said, coming out of his trance. He needed to stop doing that, going into these trances.

"Yah..." John mumbled incoherently, and poked at the daisies on his shoulder. "You have to stay still, doesn't work if you don't" John sat down, bored with the whole thing. "NO, John, you have to stand up, stay still and look at me...for five minutes, please..." He lacked the energy to get up and played with his dasies again. The petals were starting to fall off.

Shawna saw that John was drifting off, and got up and slapped him. Hard.

He raised his arm to stop his glasses from sliding off his nose. "Why'd you do that?" "Stand up and look at him." John obeyed, staring blankly into the camera. He wondered how he'd gotten back here of all places. Not to worry, he'd soon enough have a chance to sleep on a couch or the back of a car. Then it would be back out for the night.

John was getting really pissed at this Shawna bird. Who was SHE to tell him what to do? And after all he'd done for her! The next time he sat down, and she reached over to slap him, he bit her hand.

She was more suprised by his action than actually hurt. She held her hand to her, with the beginnings of tears in her eyes from the shock. "!" She whispered breathlessly. He shrugged. He listened to the music in his head and watched the pictures. There were better than looking into a bleeding camera. Then she got hit by a streetcar.

Nothing seemd to make sense anymore. Streetcars. Pictures. He went for a walk. Maybe the music in his head could clear up the haze in his mind. Where all his friends went to? Rea ( that smart chick ), Anna and Helena and their lovable little sister Luiza, Annie, Wonderwall, Apu... he was missing them. if there was an answer for that strange feeling - and that wasn't a streetcar! Then he found himself going to a theatre. It was a festival of school plays. One of them was called "700 - For your ears only", a comedy. And in shining lights, the names of Ringo's siter, Luiza. On the credits, Anna's name, as the writer. That made him go inside to see what was all about.

It was a riot about James Bond - the agent of the story was a walking disaster, always helped by one kid who was ten thousand times smart. That was Luiza. It was good, and the audience ( full of students from many schools all aroudn the country ) cheered it till they all got out of breath. john decided to see Luiza at the backstage. Then he got hit by a streetcar.

The streetcar was part of the scenery of the play - and thank God, John wasn't that hurt. The mess on the only and overcrowded dresssing room was vivsible from miles - there was the play's cast, friends of the cast, relatives of the cast and people who had nothing to do with the cast. "Hey, look at that! Ain't that your friend John?", Helena asked to her sister. She turned and ran, straight to him. "I wasn't expecting you to come, John.", she said. "Did you like the play?". John was about to answer when he saw someone known in the middle of the mess.

A man in a fur hat. John pointed and turned pale. "YOU! I know you! You started this!" The man turned and ran. John grabbed Luiza's hand and took off after him, dragging her behind. Her feet barely touched the ground. "John...who is he?" "I don't know....but I know him...I remember him..."

"You're chasing dreams, John. Nothing's ever the way it seems...we know that..." He heard Cyn's voice in his ears. He pulled Luiza harder. "Can't let him get away...I have to know..." "What did he do, John? Why are we chasing him?"

Continued on Mar 23, 1998

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