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Skywriting -- Mar 18, 1998
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Continued from Mar 17, 1998

"What the fuck is sook?" said George "I've never said that ever!" George was mad because someone had written strange words in his mouth earlier in the story. Someone not from England he thought. Anyway back to the action...John Paul George and Ringo collectivly but their hands together and prayed,"Let there be no more mentions of streetcars in this stupid story or may hell fire rain on them!", they all said. Ringo added, "next person to mention a streetcar is a divvy" (that's asshole, idiot, fool, gitface, that kind of thing, you know) They tucked into Paul's Flaming pie and immediatedly cursed as it burnt their mouths...

...and Luizacame with a jar of water. "I told you it was flaming!", she laughed, pouring water into cups. She dared to look outside the window - to see that bore Sally hanging around. "You banned the streetcars, but the damned is still out there.", she sighed. 'I am turning in, if you want to know. Anna and Helena might be missing me. Want to follow me? Maybe between a mob of people she wo't find John." Then she got hit by a streetcar.

John bent down and picked up the streetcar. He held it in the palm of his hand. The Garden of Maybe was stranger than even he had thought possible. "Little streetcars....imagine that..." "You don't have're holding one." He didn't even try to explain.

As John held the streetcar in his hand he noticed a man with a blue uniform coming out of the back of it. "I am the bus prefect" said the little man. "Oh" said John "I didn't realize there was anyone in here". "Oh yeah, there's a bunch of us in here. You see" the little man continued,"we were on our way up north when we fell to the sky with a terrible clang." "How is it up north?", asked John. "Quite nice" said the little man. "We're on our way back, would you like to come with us?" "Certainly" said John. At that moment John entered the little streetcar.

There was no room for anyone else, John was so big he took up the whole space. "We'll have to shrink you," the little man said. "Shrink me?" John said. "Won't that hurt?" "No," the man said, "it's easy." John was blinded by a white light and suddenly found himself naked on the floor--the light hadn't shrunk his clothes. He blushed a deep shade of red. The little man lent him a spare uniform.

Then John woke up. He was still sleepy and no where near awake. He rubbed his face and turned over, looking forward to the hours he still had left in bed. It was summer and the Beatles were on holiday. He flung his arm across Cyn's chest, and noticed something immediately. He felt around and couln't find anything. completely flat. "What the fookin' 'ell?" he muttered. He opened his eyes to see...

Paul lying beside him on the bed, staring at him with an amused grin. "OHHH JOHNNY!!" he said in his best Cyn 'Let's Twist Again' Lennon impersonation. John pulled his hand away and gave Paul a really dirty look. "What the fook are you doing here? and where's Cyn?!" he asked as he dizzily sat up. "Jane threw me out - again" Paul said with a little dismay. John just stared at him. He no longer bothered to ask about the Paul/Jane/other chicks who just "happen" to find themselves in Paul's bedroom saga. "How many times is that this week, macca?" John asked with an amused look on his face. "Shut yer gob John" Paul said. He looked hurt.

"Really, Paul, this is getting rather inconvenient for me, sure, screw around, i don't give a pig's ass, but you gotta stop coming over here and..." John stopped dead. He was staring at something across the room. Paul followed John's gaze, and saw...

Continued on Mar 19, 1998

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