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Skywriting -- Mar 17, 1998
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Continued from Mar 16, 1998

Meanwhile, up in her secret lair, unbeknownst to all, a certain gatekeeper brooded. "Damnit! My plan didn't work! It was sheer genius to brainwash Sarbarglo and trap John in the Garden of Maybe! I must capture him and get him back there. But he is becoming too knowledgeable! I've got to get his mind back to a stage of confusion first." Sally got her brainwashed dog and some magic and headed out to find John.

Meanwhile at the OK coral some fishes swam around. One fish was called John the other called Yoko. They stumbled across an Octopus's garden. In the garden, lying, on a deckchair was a drunk fish called Ringo. John swam to Ringo whilst Yoko looking not amused swam off in a huff to create a pretentious art "happening" involving some sea weed and a shark called Clive. John said to Ringo, "bblubllblublebbleb?" Ringo passed the cannabis joint to John and laughed, which was quite amazing seeing as it was still lit despite being underwater and fish can't laugh. The world is spinning too fast.....

John passed the joint back to Ringo, who took another puff and laughed one of those weird fish laughs. "Blub?" John asked Ringo. "Blubbbb," Ringo replied. Then the author got a grip on reality and asked the two, "What the hell are you two trying to say?" Then he got hit by a streetcar.

John crashed on the floor. "Geez. Am I really alive?". "Seems like.", Ringo laughed. Some person knocked on the door. "Brother? You there?", the voice called him. "It's me, Luiza!" Ringo looked subdued to his friend, hope shining in those pale blue eyes. "Wasn't she...?". "When someone remembers, they don't really die", was John's simple answer. He ran to open up the door, and to see the one they were talking about in front of them. "Hello, brother, were you missing me?"

"You betcha!", he shouted, coming to hug her. For just one moment, John felt damn jealous of his friend. "So, how did you come back?". "Someone had some pity o'me. It's so damn good to be alive, brother, so good.", she laughed. A noise came behind them. There was a streetcar, coming to hit them. And inside of it there was a gate-keeper and a brainwahsed dog. "Oi, watch out!", Luiza shouted, pulling her brother and her friend away. Sally just laughed. "Worry not, dearie. All I want is HIM!"

Back in Limbo-land, Geoge, Paul and Stu were trapped in Limbo-land. "I hate this place." Said Stu. "I 'ate it too." George replied. "I does sook." Added Paul. Just then, somebody wrote something about them, freeing them. I t said...

George, Paul, and Stu were transported out of limbo-land, into the scene with John, Ringo, Luiza, Sally, and Sarbarglo.

And don't forget, there was a streetcar too.

The streetcar rushed for John, ignoring everyone else. John screamed and ran. "How do we stop it?" he yelled at Luiza whilst everyone looked on in horror. "I know!" George squealed. However, since George was the quiet Beatle, no one heard him and John was smashed flat.

Continued on Mar 18, 1998

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