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Skywriting -- Mar 14, 1998
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Continued from Mar 13, 1998

And now a word from our sponsor... "Uh oh. Commercials. I'd better change the channel." Click! "Oh John, I love you so much! Mmmmm...." Click! "John" "Marsha." John!" "Marsha!" "JOHN!" "MARSHA!" Click. "Hey Paul, check this out!" He said, launching into a searing guitar riff that threatend to deafen everybody in range. "Not bad, John." "Thank you." John said. "C'mon, lets go to your house and practice. The Quarrty Men have a gig coming up. We have to be ready."

Not a bad show...What else is on? Uh oh... I lost the remote... There's no way to change the channel without the remote. We're stuck in this story line!

"Turn off the television, then, dearie!", someone shouted from the audience. There were more people throwing chairs on the bore. "On with the story!", someone else shouted.

How do we change the channel? There's no remote and the buttons on the TV are broken! Help us! Finally an idea hit John. He grabbed a chair of his own and threw it not at the bore, but at the TV! The screen exploded and the TV was turned off! Hooray! Don't you just love happy endings? :) Then it got hit by a streetcar. Everyone cheered.

now that this problem was solved , there was another dilema. during all of the comotion george had ran off somewhere and how could they do their gig without him ? so john , trying to use his mind to the fullest extent started to meditate and somehow in the prosess find his friend.reaching out to all the corners of his mind he found george sitting in the . . . STREETCAR!

He ran to the streetcar and dragged George out of it. "George! You tried to hit me with a streetcar? How could you? I'm your friend!" George jumped up and snapped...

and Apu came out of the mist. "Jai GURU deva Om..... Jai Guru Deva Om" Then he got hit by a streetcar.

He pried himself off the cement. "It is time," he said. "Time for what?" John and George asked. "Time for me to sing my song," Apu replied. He beat on some drums as he screeched out the song--"I'm Seargant Pepper's lonely hearts club man, I hope I will enjoy my show..." John and George smiled politely as they backed away and then ran for their lives. Then they got hit by a streetcar.

They both stood up brushing off their suits and muttering about streetcars under their breath. "I'm beginning to wonder when this story will be over," George commented.

"You would," John replied. "It has a long way to go, man. This is just the beginning." George groaned. He hated it when John got involved in a cause, however worthy it might have been, and would babble on about it for hours.

Continued on Mar 15, 1998

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