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Skywriting -- Mar 11, 1998
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Continued from Mar 10, 1998

"That's it, I'm fed up with this. Brian!!!" He yelled, pissed off. "Yes John?" Brian said, running into the room. "Get me a decent plot and ditch the soap opera shit! I'm tired of it! I wanna do something interesting! And by the way, what ever happened to the street cars?" He ranted, pissed as hell and getting madder all the time. "I'll try to get you something, John, but it might take a while." Brian said. "Wel, get to it then! I don't have all day! Just then,

They were hit by a streetcar.

Luiza, that was on the streetcar that hit John, stiffed a laughter. "Soorry!", she shouted. "Didn't mean to hurt you!". "Get out of my way, kid. ". "Oh, you do look angry...what happened?"John explained it all. She just stared. "I wish I could do something to help you.", she simply said. "Where are you going to?", John asked. "To my house. Want to follow me? Be someone normal once in a lifetime? Nobody knows you there.". John thought it over. Indeed, the idea was good.

Luiza helped him out of the car in front of her little white cottage-type house. He looked aroung in sheer amazement. Was it only him, or was everything very green? And quiet...he could hear birds chirping. He heard one flap it's wings overhead. "Why's it like this here, Luiza?"

"I don't know...It's all in my head, you know.", she smiled, closed her eyes, and all turned to techincolor red, as it was autumn. "See?", she smiled. "Jai Guru Deva. You just need to trust.". She opened up her eyes and all turned to green again. "You can stay here for as long as you like. Or for as long as you stand.". Someone called Luiza - it was Anna, her older sister. "Soup's on, sis! Who's the man?". Luiza turned to her sister. "It's a friend of mine. Can he have dinner with us?". "We're having visits tonight...but why not? Come inside!". John was wondering who could be the 'visit' Luiza's sister had talked about. But he didn't ask - he'd find out when he get there.

They walked into the cosy kitchen to find Paul, George, and Ringo seated around a table. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" screamed John. "We be coming along for company," aswered Paul cheekily as he buttered his roll. "FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE," John continuted, "I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A NICE, NORMAL DINNER WITH SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW ME! IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!?!" ~*(Author's note) 'Scuse, that's continued.*~

John continued screaming throughout the evening. Eventually everyone either tuned him out or became deaf. When John finally became hoarse and quieted down, The Beatles could freely chat with each other. Problem was, between the screaming fans and the screaming John, the Fabs had lost most of their hearing. "Gum?" Ringo asked George. "WHAT? Fun? No thanks, I'm busy!" George yelled back.

John had just about had it. It seemed like everyone around him had gone potty. With that thought he walked away from the tablt and out the door to get some peaceful time. Just then (and if this has to do with streetcars...)

(and it does...) a streetcar came flying down the street and almost missed John. Just then the other Beatles came out of the house with big beaming smiles. "Our hearing loss is only temporary," George explained loudly. Then he got hit by a streetcar.

John sat with his knees up to his chest. He hugged them closer. God...why won't they just go away and leave me alone? five minutes...all I need is time. time to think. He scarcely noticed he was rocking back and forth.

As he rocked gently back and forth, he had an idea. "Why don't I go to Hamburg and see what Astrid's doing?" He got up and walked to the nearest airport. Then he got hit by an airplane.

"AAAGH!" John screamed. "The streetcars were bad enough, but now airplanes? I can't take much more of this!" As if on cue, one of those little carts that carries people's luggage for them came flying up and kicked John in the butt.

"John?John, are you okay?", Luiza asked, scared. He opened up his eyes, and he was somehow back to the kitchen. "What was up with you? Why were you shouting?", she asked, unable to understand. "First streetcars..and now airplaines.", he muttered. The little kid just knelt near him. "Yea, I should send you home, John, you are not okay.". Home? That meant go back to real life. Real troubles. Band mates. Streetcars. "NO! PLEASE!", he shouted again. "Anything but that. I want to stay. Please.", he said, in a lower tone. "Alright, if is this what you want.", she said. "Well, I hope you still want to eat.', she smiled. And what a cutie that kid could be whenever she wanted to convince someone. "You won. Let's go back".

Dinner went way too calm, much to his amusement. Anna and Luiza and Helena ( Anna's twin sister that didn't come into th story yet - she was a baggist known as Angel Child) wwere bickering around to see who was the one to washthe dishes or carry the garbage out of the house. . And the twins didn't seem to recognize their little sister's strange, long-haired friend. By the end of the night, Helena was plinking some notes on the piano, distracted. "Do you play anything, Mr. Lennon?", she asked, politely.

"No" he shook his head violently. Leave no clues, he thought, leave no trace. "No...I'm" The girls laughed wildly. "An accountant with long hair!" She ran her hand up and down the piano. He began to laugh, too. At the sheer absurdity and relief he felt. Then he got hit by a streetcar.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed John. "I can't make it ten paragraphs without getting hit by a damn streetcar! WHY???? WHY MEEEEEEE???????"

Then he got hit by a streetcar.

Then he opened his eyes to find himself staring at a dark haired girl. "FRANCIE!" he yelled, in utter shock. "Where's PAUL?" he asked, his paranoia rising ("oh NO! is she gonna stalk ME now?" was running thru his head") "Oh," Franny began, in her sad immitation of a british accent "he had to go f*ck that red haired english bitch" (only dear old Fran can talk like that and still make it sound lovely) "Oh" John said, not quite understanding what this might lead to. "So he said i could finish you off if you don't mind" she said as she....

Continued on Mar 12, 1998

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