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Skywriting -- Mar 01, 1998
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Continued from Feb 28, 1998

Look to see what happened... C'mon, he's gone into the haze! "What's the date, Paul?" "What?" "I cannot remember, which year are we?"

"Who cares, man?" a voice said from behind. John turned round to see who had spoken, and saw Sgt Pepper standing there with various other Bagissts. "Hey Rich, how are ya mate?" John was pleased to see the Sgt cos they were best of buddies (hey, i can dream, right?) "time is an illusion" Pepper explained "Lunchtime doubly so" "you what?" John was confused "ask Douglas Adams!" Sgt Pepper grinned "you've lost it, mate!" John shook his head "think yerself lucky John" Wonderwall grinned "you just know him in the story, we all hafta chat with the *******!" "i'll pretend i didn't hear that!" Sgt Pepper smiled, "er so what do we do now?"

"Hey groovy outfit baby!" Liam Gallagher screamed. (he's making a miraculous comeback and regrettably will probably be booted out by the next writer *sigh*) Liam was dressed in a purple Sgt. Pepper outfit and along with his tambourine knew he was ready to join the band. Swingin' his "instrument" and some gin and tonic he told the amused Sgt. bunch in an amusing manner "C'mon mates! I'm fookin' ready to ROCK! No shite, only the hard stuff" Liam warded off the water that was being offered to him and instead had another swig. Well now this was a consideration for the Sgt. pepper beatles-this guy could bring some great p.r. for the boys.

And then he found peace. Love entered his mind and body from every pore, and he smiled and said"Fookin' ell, mad for it!" He picked up the micraphone and sang. Not for ego, Not for money. He loved all man kind as equal beings capable of love. he sang for the enlightened souls who would understand his message, and cared not for the image that he potrayed of himself. People listened, some in fear, some in awe, and again a generation grew love from there own ideas and creativity. maybe its just a crazy dream, but it can happen tommorow, if you want it...

Then he got hit by a streetcar.

and everyone was grateful for the first time since the streetcar came into existance because it hit liam.

John wondered. Maybe streetcars were the secret of life. Beginnings and ends..oh, he knew they could be ends. He felt decidely strange- nothing had been the same for him in ages. He could go anywhere in this new world, do anything...but somehow, all he wanted was to go home. But which home?

Yes, which home? Yoko and the Dakota, or his new home with his buddies? Then he felt silly. What an easy decision. Everyone knew he'd pick...

The home where he felt most secure. Almost as soon as he'd thought of it, he found himself under his covers, in bed. He heard someone else enter the room and sit on the side of his bed. "Daddy- play me a song on the piano...I'll show you my rocks...I found a new one's green." He smiled as he looked up at the shaggy-haired little boy. "I'm coming.."

Continued on Mar 02, 1998

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