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Skywriting -- Feb 28, 1998
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Continued from Feb 27, 1998

That seems fair. Music... "And what do we do with the book?" 'Give it back to the girls. They might know what to do now."

Time is nearly over, John. You gotta come back. "Back to where?" To where it all began...go back, john, time is nearly over.... New York, 1980... your time had come... go back, John, go back, go back....

"And so this is how it ends?", Anna said, closing the book. "Just like skywriting, chica. Disappears in the air when you are not looking.", Rea answered. "Ain't this scary. Well, and what do we do with this story? It's so full of weird paragraphs and even weirder people!" "And streetcars", Rea added. "Let the people read. What's the matter? Who said that Anarchy can't be fun.". Anna lookedto the friend. "This time I got to agree with you. So this end here - 28/02/98.", she said, dating the book and leaving on the table. "Jai Guru Deva. The story goes on!"

Anna placed the book on the table and it dissolved. No evidence that it had ever been there. "Damn. That was a good book." Meanwhile, John, Paul, George, and Ringo were trying to figure out just how music was going to get them home.

"Are we supposed to play together?" Ringo asked. "Right, how are we gonna do that?" John sneered. "We don't even have instruments!" Paul whistled a familiar tune. "Whazzat?" George hissed. Paul grinned. "Remember what Laurence said? Imagine? That's it, you twits! Imagine we're home and we will be!" The Beatles sat on the sand and imagined their homes for two full hours. A yawn from George broke the silence. "It isn't working." "I know," Paul sighed. "Now what are we supposed to do?"

A magical, mysterious sound came from the distance. "We're not alone!" John yelled. "Maybe someone's here to rescue us! We're saved!" Paul shrieked. "We're saved, we're saved!" They ran toward the sound.

"we're saved!" The last of their joyous shouts died as they found the source of the sound. A large, bleak building with gargoyles nestled in all the corners. Huge iron gates blocked their way. John passed through the gates easily. They swung closed with a final "bang" John peered at Paul through the bars. "End of the road?" "Guess it must be, John..." George looked up, searching for a way in. "There's no way out, either, George..." John shook their hands through the grate. "Guess I'm on my own...Good luck, fellas.." "Take care of yourself" Ringo whispered as he shook John;s trembing hand. "Thanks."

He turned his back on them quickly. He couldn't stand to look into their eyes. Then he turned around to them again. He couldn't bear looking into the uncertainty, either. "Are you scared, John?" Beofre he would have teken it as a challange. He simply sighed. "Yah, Paul...I don't know what's out there...what's in here..."

He finally broke his stare away from the other three trapped on the outside. He kicked a stone and heard it skitter into the darkness. John stuck his hands in his pockets so he didn't have to find something to do with them. "Hello?" He called out for someone, anyone. Silence. He pulled his coat collar up to cover his neck. The wind had bitten at it savagely and raised goose-flesh. The sound of his own humming reverberated. It only made him feel worse.

"D'ya think he'll forget us, Paul?" George watched his figure disappear into the shadows. "I haven't the slightest..." "Will we remember him?" Ringo murmurred. Paul froze for an instant. Something about the words rang true. Don't say that...please don't make that be true...Let us remember each other- let's have dinner together in New York for old time's sake... "John!" The lone figure wheeled around and smiled. "S'alright, Paul..Don't worry." Paul saw him smile broadly.

Paul closed his eyes at the deafening noise. The others turned pale. Paul dropped his eyes. He couldn't look. No one could.

Continued on Mar 01, 1998

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