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Skywriting -- Feb 27, 1998
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Continued from Feb 26, 1998

The reason is this is an alien abduction. Some guy named Skinner arranged it but the Lone Gunmen are on to him. This will be sold to FOX. Your career will be revived. But first for the humiliating body probes that you will have to confess to in a tear-jerked retelling. And then the aliens crowded in and John yelped. He wasn't sure if he was tripping or if this was happening-either way it sucked. "OUCH DAMN IT" John's holler echoed down the stark hallways.

"Come with me if you wanna escape!", someone shouted. It was Anna, again. "I kill you, kid! Where have you threw me?" "In some story you couldn't handle. I got to take you back to reality...your mind can't handle the truth yet...come." Anna took him away from the book, then closed it. She was heading for the door when John asked her : "What is the truth?". She turned and stared. "You have to find out for yerself, John. There's nothing I can do."She left, carrieing the heavy book with her. John just didn't know thta, with it, she was carieing away all his bad dreams. A vacuum cleaner of minds, that book. Rea was waiting for her at the pub. "Here it is. Do you think he will find out?". "No...he can even thank usone of those days.". And they laughed. "We'd better get rid of this book."

"Why not give it to that Paul? He could give an end to it." "I agree. Besides, he's a friend of John, and can explain all of that." "But we must instruct him to DO NOT open it." "We'd better..."

"Linda- What's this funny book?" McCartney pointed to a large volume that now lay on their expensive coffee table, with all their expensive knick-knacks in their very expensive home. Paul drank an over-priced coke. "I don't know...what's it about?" He lifted the cover and turned a gold-edged page.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Paul found himself being sucked into the book. He heard Linda's voice from far away yelling 'you forgot your over-priced coke!". He found himself laying on the ground, in some...dead land. 2 girls came towards him. "Anna....what are we going to do know?" asked Rea to Anna worrisome. Paul looked confused. He grabbed Anna's feet and begged her, crying "what's going on!? I WANT TO GO HOME!!!" Rea kicked his hands off of Anna's feet. "Hold on. We'll save you.... just don't start kissing our feet!"

Rea helped Paul up. "Where am I?" he wailed. "Where's Linda and the kids? I wanna go home!"

He clasped his hands together in a begging gesture. "Please tell me where I am." His begging of Anna & Rea to return him to his living room were interrupted by a long, piercing scream.

"AAAAH!" Out of the sky fell... George and Ringo! Ringo landed first, flat on his back in the powdery white sand. George followed soon after. "Bloody hell...where are we?" George asked. "Paul? Izzat you?" "'S me." "Where are we, Paul?" Paul shrugged. "I dunno." Ringo groaned. "Ah, my back!" He braced himself against a rock and got up, bending over. A loud crack sounded. "Aaah...much better." Paul smiled tolerantly. "It's getting better, innit?"

"So, Rea, do we get home?" Paul turned around... Rea and Anna were gone! Vanished! Without a trace! "What the..." A small piece of paper lay on the ground under a chunk of turquoise. George scooped it up. "Hey, it's from them!" Paul & Ringo crowded around. "What's it say?" Ringo asked. "Dear Paul, George, & Ringo," George read, "we cannot tell you how to get home. We are already in deep poop for bringing you here in the first place. We can only leave you with this one last piece of advice..."

"Don't trust the man beside you." All eyes turned to John, who looked like he hadn't slept in years. "Honestly, fellas...haven't got a clue..don't know more than you do...." Paul felt uneasy. Was he the man to fear? Or was it George, who leaned on his shoulder?

"Read on,read on!" Ringo urged. George had stopped reading.. his mouth made a little 'o' and his eyes were as large as bloody dinner plates. "What's the matter,mate?" Paul looked at his fellow Beatle quizically,and slowly waved his hand in front of poor George's blank expression. George's eyes followed the words over and over again slowly..suddenly his cheeks glowed and tears stood in his eyes. He swallowed and said,"This book we're's all full of John's bad dreams. So we have to.." he trailed off. "What?!" Ringo and George barked in concert. "..make all his bad dreams good." he finished quickly.

"How do we do that?" Paul shook his head hopelessly. Where did the dark dreams start and reality end? "What about the...." Ringo looked to George, who had trailed off. "The what, George?" They all feared the depths of the dreams created with Heroin. "Who knows who he imagined dead? Prolly you, Paul..." The joke rattled, falling on deaf ears.

Suddenly,walking towards them out of an eerie blue fog/mist,was a tall male figure. He bowed in front of the Beatles. "My name is Laurence. I am a large fan of yours..your music has changed the way I see the world. So I will do what I can to get you back to reality." his eyes twinkled. "I am going to help you." "Pleasure to meet you,mate," Paul nodded. A smile spread across Laurence's face. He closed his eyes,swirled around on his toes facing the ocean and pointed to the moonlit water. "The waters of dreams,"he said softly. Then he stared up at the showers of stars above them,and pointed to them as well. "The answers are written in the stars," Ringo murmured. "Remember how you said your music has changed the way I see the world? Well..imagine what else your music can do. Never underestimate it.Music will get you through this...the mmusic will set you free.Imagine." And with that,dear Laurence vanished.

Continued on Feb 28, 1998

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