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Skywriting -- Feb 26, 1998
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Continued from Feb 25, 1998

...a dreadful silence covered up the place. "Nothing has been added? So strange! This place was always so crowded.". "That was in yesteryears, my friend. It seems that the magic, whatever you call it, it's growing rotten." "I don't believe it." "But I do... just look."

John looked around and saw great, gaping rents in the magical cloth that had surronded the fable. There was only blackness beyond. No stars. John felt very cold and very alone. He realized his world was coming apart at the seams. "What's happening?" His own voice echoed back at him. "Why doesn't anyone answer me? Can't you hear me? I'm here!" He waved his arms above his head. The seeming madman went unnoted.

The buildings along the street rippled as the fabric swayed in the wind. Nothing was real. Not even what should have been the most predictable thing. What had been the cause of this sudden madness? He knew not.

"...Cheer up buddy, everything will be ok," a voice said. John raised his head to see Rea sitting next to him on the dead grass. "Rea! Where's Anna?" "Oh she is in some deep crap from the creator for setting you up here. It was suppose to be some joke." John rised quickly. "You call this.. this.. HELL a JOKE?!?" "like, cha! take a chill pill! I'll talk to her. But in the meantime You have to find your way out of The Land of The Dead. It's all up to you. But i can maybe help you..."

He looked at Rea almost calmly. Then shrieked at her. "What do you mean the land of the DEAD?!" He felt his voice give and he continued in a whisper. "And what am I doing here?"

"John, we were all trying to put off telling you this for a while...there's a reason..." John looked away to conceal his fear. He was terrified.

Continued on Feb 27, 1998

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