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Skywriting -- Feb 25, 1998
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Continued from Feb 24, 1998

The taxi from Roger Rabbit (wasn't it Bert or somethin'?) roared to a stop by Paul and John. Bert was pissed off and decided to get medieval on the streetcar's sorry ass so he told the boys to jump in, and much like D-day from Animal House the boys yelled "Ramming Speed!" and bashed all the cars whilst saving themselves. And then Bluto Blutarsky invited the boys (Including Bert) to join his frat for a kickin' toga party-there was no hesitation on their part and they agreed. Besides who wouldn't want to see Freddie Mercury in drag singing Bohemiam Rhapsody at the frat?

Some girl entered the empty stage, carrieing a heavy book. "Woa, things had changed a bit while I was out!". John looked back, and he saw the girl. "Hey, it's that Anna something! Hey there! Where's Rea?" . Anna smiled. "She's been around. So, John, what have you been doing?" ."Been tripping out." "I have one thing here that might please you. It's called the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Some neat images, you know? Take a look and tell me what you think.". Anna left the book at one table and turned away. "Take care with the streetcars, Anna! There's been a lot of them these days.". She smiled. "I know. I read it." . And she was gone inside the drifting shadows of the wall, till you couldn't see her no more.

John just looked to the cover of the book. That Anna had the strange mania of playing tricks. Was that book one more of those things? He opened up to see what was that. Some hand grabbed him and pushed him inside the book.

The change was abrupt and slightly unpleasant. He'd been aware of a slight tearing sensation as he'd passed into the pages. When he landed, he felt all right, but decided to sit for a moment. The butterflies in his stomach were back. He grimaced, uncomfortable.

he looked around only to find people dressed like the dead and a guy in a red outfit singing something about "thriller".He suddenly realized he'd traveled into the future, and was on the set of a new 'hip'music vidio,at least he thought so.

"What the Hell is this?" "This is my music video- Security...We have another impersonator..." John kicked at the men that grbbed him from behind. "You can't do this! I'm John Lennon!" "And I'm JFK..."

Continued on Feb 26, 1998

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