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Skywriting -- Feb 24, 1998
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Continued from Feb 23, 1998

but on the way they were accosted by the ghost of Brian Epstien! "It takes forty licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop!" He says, and they all scram. The girls get lost somewhere in the mix and the beatles all end up together. Ringo nurses his bloody nose as George begins to whimper. "Don't let Brian get me!" "Never fear!" John says, and whips out a spare Mentos bomb, and Brian stops short. "NOOOOOO!" He cries as an explosion rocks the street. All that is left is a few wrappers and some hair. "Whew, that was close," Paul sighed. The girls have witnessed the entire event, and run to John, cooing with admiration. Paul scowls. "Francie..." he says "what about me?" Francie, being the big-time slut she is, wants to have it off with John right there in the parking lot, but John will have none of it. Psycho is waiting... At the place on cavendish, the place has been totally wrecked. Cyn, in a fit of rage, has torn the place apart. "If I can't have you, John, no one will!" she screams. "Oh, shut up will ya!...

right so francie from bagism pops the other francie and that's the end of that. and by the way bourne and Kratz went on to skate Olympic Gold to the tune of Get Back-their biggest competition came from Yoko and John who decided that ice dancing was their calling.

John and Yoko decided to sit in a bed on the rink for 5 minutes and they would sit to " Give Peace A Chance while the audience chimed in. They decided to call their new found love a " Skate In. " When they were going off the ice Yoko fell and slit her rist and had to be rushed to the hospital. She was in the emergency room for 3 hours. When the doctor came out John asked him, " Is she alright doc? " " I'm sorry, we lost her. " When John heard this he started to cry. How could this happen? Just then a very charming girl walked by. Paul came up to John and ased him if he was alright and that he was sorry about Yoko. John told Paul, " Yoko who? " and Paul was very surprized and asked him what the matter was then he saw the girl and he turned his head. Wow!!! he said and John said " back off she's mine. You still have a wife. "

"So do you!" Paul snapped. "Her name's Cyn, REMEMBER?"

"Who? replied John. "Wasn't she hit by a streetcar a couple of days back?"

"Oh yeah," said Paul. "Pesky things they are, those streetcars."

"Yeah," agreed John. "Streetcars suck." Paul nodded in agreement.

Then they were both hit by a streetcar.

John rose and proceeded to kick in the sides of the streetcar with a new passion. "Stupid, bloody, street-car!"

Continued on Feb 25, 1998

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