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Skywriting -- Feb 21, 1998
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Continued from Feb 20, 1998

and so John and Mick were dead (and long may they live) but in the meantime, Swinging London was in full swing, and Paul was still alive, and so was austin powers, baby YEAH!... so Paul and austin decided to hit a few clubs...

and they met up with mrs. kensington, ringo, george at the pussycat.

John, meanwhile was having a very bad time of things. He and Mick sat on the kerb, resting their heads in their hands. "Whatter we gonna do now, John." "Dunno, Mick..I think yer album's ruined." Mick held the broken record at an arm's length. It hung linmply. "I believe, Mr Lennon, that you are correct." "Thank you, Mr Jagger."

"Well," John explained,"the thing is, there are rules. If you don't meet the rules, they delete you." He turned around. Mick Jagger was gone. Deleted.

"Shite!" John wheeled around again. Bits of his surrondings were disappearing randomly. "The Censors are coming! The censors are-" John was gone. Deleted

Well that SUCKS! Then the censor is hit by a fleet of streetcars. and for the first time since the bloody streetcars were invented, there was much rejoicing *yay!*. so john, mick and everything else that had been deleted came back. meanwhile, george, ringo, and paul were . . .

Nonexistant. It isn't really their story. They were only figments of John's imagination. They couldn't have really been there. It was like playing back an old home movie. Their black-clad figures were transparent. Only projected upon the wall. Only what he wished to see. They moved silently, laughing, tripping each other... John closed his eyes. He wished to see no more.

Continued on Feb 22, 1998

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